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So, I made a model and stuff in Qubicle Constructor Home Edition, and then I exported them as a .obj (That comes with the .mtl) so I could animate it in Blender. When I imported them (the .obj and .mtl) it showed the models completely white. Is there a way to import the colours from Qubicle?

Also, how do I separate different matrixes in Qubcle so I can highlight each thing on its own (Like arms). Like I have a landscape with different trees and animals, and I want to export them as 1 .obj, but be able to move each animal seperately in Blender? Could someone link tutorials that would explain this stuff?


Q1: To get colour, click Alt+Z
Q2: To separate, make a different model(of a certain body part!) per body part. Then when you export it, select “Model per Matrix” at the top!
If any of these don’t make sense, go here: YouTube
Voxel Pirate has a whole video series on this!

Hope this helped! :smiley:


Thanks! I finally got it to work, but now with blender, when I render the animation, it is in grayscale?

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@Nicedude80 a common issue you have, to say it in the wise words of Yoda. Head over to the following thread and you might find some help:

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Thanks @voxel_pirate

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