Basically a completely unrelated question

So I’m a game developer myself and because of Stonehearth discovered Qubicle Constructor. I’m interested in playing around with animating my creations and using them as game assets with Unity.

I noticed that Qubicle Unite will let me import all my creations easily into Unity, but it doesn’t say anything about being able to export as OBJ which I believe is necessary for animation and rigging. As far as I know, I cannot rig characters in Unity, but I can animate if necessary.

I feel like I’m missing a step and unless I purchase the master license for Qubicle I can’t use both blender for animation and rigging AND Unity for game development. Anyone else having this issue? Or is there a way around this?

you can only export objects when you purchase qubicle :wink:

If you plan on selling your creations you really should buy the Qubicle Constructor Master license, but for just trying out if it works as you want you could also buy the Home license, which also includes exporting as OBJ.

Minddesk does not name any prices for upgrades, but they write that its possible so I would expect you can upgrade to the Master license later on with a discount.

For professional work that Voxelizer Unite Bundle looks pretty neat by the way…

@Wiese2007 Yeah… that wasn’t the question at all.

I’m in the processing of deciding whether I’m going to purchase Qubicle Unite or the Single Seat Home license via their website.

The issue is that the Home license allows the exporting of obj’s, but not a commercial license, which is important. Also, if you watched Tom animate the Mammoth you’ll notice that there were thousands of polygons, which is very expensive, performance-wise. The Unity export options includes a low poly export option to reduce that cost. But apparently, from what I can see, there’s no way to animate my characters if I go with the Unity option. I won’t be able to export into an animation software.