Qubicle Constructor, which pack?

So i was wondering, which pack do you need to export files to programs like 3dsmax? The $20 (Gamer) pack or the $40 (Home) pack?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my first language^^

You would need the $40 edition.

You might want to just get the free version, and wait a little bit, as Radiant and Tim over at Minddesk (Qubicle) are working something out for Stonehearth - this might be a free version that allows you to export, or just a discount, we’re not sure yet!

I guess it has to be the Home-Pack, but not 100% sure. However, Radiant and Minddesk are negotiating / planning about an offer for Stonehearth-Mod-Community. So it might be worth to wait a short while (depending on how much budget you have to spend and if you mind oor not ^^).

Hmm, I downloaded the trial yesterday and I loved it. It’s simple to learn, but I want to render the stuff that I’m making at the moment. But Radiant is negotiating with Minddesk. So I’ll just wait then.

There is a build-in option to render with Qubicle Constructor, which is also available in the Trial-Version of the tool. However, did not play around with it that much yet, so do not know how powerfull it is… and for sure, you cannot animate.

If you want to export and import to animation programs
you want the home pack (you just lost 40$)


I think you mean invested :P.

But seriously, Qubicle constructor is an awesome programme, I would stick to what I said above unless you plan to use it for more than just Stonehearth.

Try the free version, see what you make of it, and wait to see what comes of the discussions between Radiant and Minddesk.

finally i have bought the home edition… works nice and i cannot wait to start playing around with blender :slight_smile:

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if you are half as good at animating, as you are at modeling, we are all in for a huge treat… :+1:

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@SteveAdamo Thanks for rising the expectations ;-). So far at least I was able to cut a standard dude into pieces (I feel like Jack the Ripper) and import him into Bender. Plan for next week is to do some rigging… in the tutorials this looks all so easy ^^. Let’s see where this will end up. At least Stonehearth motivated me already to educate myself in Lua, Voxel-Art and now Blender / Animation. Maybe I just start my own game… :-)=).

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