Poor things, but hey they're fine

So somehow 6 guy’s got trapped in the house I was making and only 2 builders were working. The funny thing was one guy’s looking at them eating. Poor guys but hilarious. BTW workers don’t seem to like ladders all that well. Also I made a “Defensive Wall” goblins just went straight through the door.


Isn’t this more a bug than a fan media topic?

Also i feel sad for the little ones :cry:

Shouldn’t be possible in the latest versions as scaffolding can be walked through now. Well, unless you didn’t add a doorway into the house design. It’s possible I guess that the units got inside the house then the pathfinding AI just bugged out and they hung around there even though they could exit…?

Mine love them :stuck_out_tongue: . They always like prioritising them over other things :smiley: .

If you mean using a ladder to get the workers out, well yeah, but they’ll need wood inside the house to build it with, and if some idiot helpful soul try to build the ladder from above, it’ll bug out and remain mostly incomplete.

Working as intended :smiley: .

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Well I’m using Vista and theres a bug right not where my game just crashes instantly on start-up.(For latest version)

Related to this perhaps?

Teleros you already know I’m having this problem. XD

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Sorry - bad night & running around a lot here ATM :blush: .