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I started this thread so we could just do some talking over things related to pokemon, like the new X & Y games coming out soon, features of X & Y, what pokemon and games you guys have attachments too, and anything else related to pokemon.

Well to get started, I think I should start with that…I know X and Y is not what all of us were looking forwards too, like being so different from the other games, the change really is Jurastic, like mega-lutions, 3-D graphics, and pokemon that seem about as bad as Garbodor and Vanilux, but it’s not all bad, mega-lutions is just the developers trying to bring new life into the game, certainly does make things more intresting…as long as the mega-forms are temporary…and the 3-D graphics really aren’t bad, kinda reminds me of Colosseum and xd, and let’s just face it, you try coming up with a bunch of new pokemon that don’t all suck.

Whenever I go to look for updates, I usually see what youtubers like Jwittz, MunchingOrange, and Marriland have to report on recent updates. Some things I have heard on the Gossip chain is…well…mega-lutions as we have already discussed, Changeable appearances at Salons and Fashion stores for “unique” Avatars. I have also heard something about a “cloud storage” somewhere.

Now let’s get into something not totally about x and y

Now, if I had a type… I would be Fire and Steel Type
for those of you who might have seen me lurking around on the Nuzlocke forum

I have attachments to Umbreon, Arcanine, Azumarill, and Bravery

But that’s about all I can put out right now in this short amount of time

Just gonna brag a bit here…just found a Pikachu 3DS XL on Kijiji for $200.00, still in its box…on EBay they go for $4-$450.00 but the lady selling it can’t use it because of her arthritis…
I know, people are thinking "AND??? Why is this a big deal?"
It’s a big deal cause Pikachu has been my favourite Pokemon forever, and I was very sad I never got one of these when they released…and then I accidentally find one while getting ready to go buy one of the newest 3DS XLs…
Me sooo very happy!

I’m actually really looking forward to the changes and can’t wait to get my hands on the game!

I think the graphical overhaul was a long time coming, and will hopefully reviatlise the series. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love it, but there’s only so many times you can play a 2d overworld ya know?

I’ve seen a couple of people manage to get their hands on the game now, which is just one of those things I suppose! The mega-evolutions as far as I’ve seen are temporary things activated in battle - I’m not entirely sure about the whole mechanic, it does seem very digimonesque.

That would be this :smile: Nintendo Launching Cloud-Based Pokémon Bank Service Alongside Pokémon X & Y - Nintendo Life it sounds like a pretty interesting and good feature if you ask me!

As far as I could tell the mega-evolutions work by just giving them extra stats and changing out their ability till switched out/end of battle (not sure which). It also seems like every pokemon that has one requires a different item to do it. As an example Lucario gains adaptibility which gives +50% damage for fighting and steel moves for it. It’s also possible to have them change type as shown by being able to get a dragon charizard (fire/dragon technically). Most of my information came from bulbapedia but I have got smidgens from other places.

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I also heard something about Blue and Red or Red and Green being remade…or that was just Pokemon Origins or something, but before X and Y was announced, I was REALLY looking forward to a Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Remake, sense sapphire was the first pokemon game I played

Currently, I am playing through Pokémon FireRed on Gameboy Advance. Personally, I think it’a the best game because it’s really just too many Pokémon past that point, I really want to catch all of the Pokémon available on FireRed, anyone here ever done it?

My view on mega evolutions you ask? What, you don’t care about my opinion? Tough sugar - Here’s what the people over a Pokémon HQ though: "Hey! You know those really OP Pokémon? Yeah, why don’t we make them even more OP?’.

But I really like how they are adding another type (finally), although, I think I would have preferred light type which they were thinking about.

never played a minute of pokemon (hardly know a thing about it)…

rushes quickly from the room

Well, Red & Blue came out when I was 7/8 and you were … a bit older than that?

I think it’s one of those things that if you’ve fallen into an age bracket to play it at some point growing up, you’re gonna be into the series … if you don’t have that experience of it growing up then I imagine it’s something to easily pass by?

I might be horribly wrong of course :smile:

yes, we’ve established this… you’re a horrible, horrible person… why would my shirt made my face look “puffy”… ?

as for the whole pokemon thing… i may just have to give it a go… i think i bought one for Luke’s 3DS, but we’ve never opened it… :smile:

Go for it, it’s just another RPG :stuck_out_tongue:. And the beauty of it being on the 3DS is that you can just pick up and play whenever. If you play some of the later ones the key is to just not let it overwhelm you.

Yes there are a ton of pokemon, does it matter? No. I doubt you’re gonna want to play competitively or anything, so really just compile a team of the ones you think look awesome and enjoy the ride.

People get really in depth with it all, for example there’s a thing called EV training, which is just beyond me. It’s essentially perfecting the growth of your pokemon by defeating certain other pokemon depending on which stat you want to increase.


Whoa! Stop the Train! What?! so I could train a pokemon to be strong in a stat through this “EV training?”


Here is a detailed page explaining it all:


I haven’t spent any time learning or looking into it as it doesn’t really interest me, I just play for fun, but I know some people really enjoy that sort of thing.

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Oh hey, I’m not dead.

I saw this and totally had to brag. I’m actually slightly younger than Pokemon, so it was always around me to some extent, but the first game I actually truly owned AND had my personal system for was Platinum, when I was 13. (I had a Firered and Ruby, but I had to steal my brothers GBA to play it). Now, I have Yellow, 2 Firereds, Leafgreen, Sapphire (I lost the Ruby), Platinum, Soul Silver, White (with a completed National dex, awwwww yeah) and White 2. Plus I pre-ordered Pokemon X and am dying to play that.

I want my sapphire remake gamefreak!
the 3d style now it going to be confusing… feeling very different and mega ecoloutions…? Hm… idk…
I used to have sapphire and emerald and lost them, pearl, platinum, Soul silver white, white 2, and will probably get X as it’s the less manly one and my brother likes to make me take the less manly one.

My favorite by far was hoen, sapphire was awsome, regegis and stuff. random brail.

I loved Gen III for so many reasons, but what really sticks out in my mind are the Secret Bases and Competitions (they got butchered in gen IV). I also love playing on Pokemon Showdown random battles as a test of my knowledge and skill, trying to win with random teams. I’m actually really excited for X/Y and all the new things they bring. The only part I’m worried about is memorizing all the pokemon names, all the changes to type effectiveness/move effectiveness (ie. thunder wave on electric types, Spore?Powder moves on grass types, etc) and catching all the new Pokemon (caught all the current ones, gotta keep that streak alive)

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Tell that to Mewtwo X and the Charizard Mega evolution for X

Poor Charizard, he’s gone emo

Dragon Charizard!
Complete with flaming drool trailing behind him as he flys at high speed towards your enemies! Watch as uses his puny T-Rex arms to flail at his foes! As he grows his Bone Claws Of Doom!™ (Shoulder Edition)

[size=11]Note: May cause nearby pokemon to be paralyzed with laughter.[/size]


Look at this guy, deffinetly my new favorite fossil


Definitely, the new fossil pokemon look awesome, and I agree that it looks awesome!

Is it bad that I’m probably more excited for pokemon than anything else this year - well second to Stonehearth for obvious reasons (like it’s in my contract to state such things?)

There are some new awesome looking one’s as well - there’s a few odd looking ones, like a set of keys and crossed swords … but I kinda like it.