3DS/ DS discussion, exchange, play

Coming across from the Pokemon thread I thought it was appropriate to create a thread where those of us in the community who own a 3DS/DS can exchange friend codes, play together, discuss etc.

I’ll post my friend code when I find it …

3DS Friend Codes:

@Geoffers747: 3539 - 9195 - 1726
@Paranundrox: 4940 - 5813 - 0574
@Wycroe: 2251 - 5124 - 2492
@PyreStarite: 0645 - 7175 - 1313
@Thomas: 2406 -6527 - 6160
@Dash: 4184 - 2337 - 7227
@Mokkun: 2320 -6240 - 9176
@Darkkanji 1676 - 5065 - 9497


Alrighty then. I’ve got a 3DS and a DS Lite.
3DS games:
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Super Mario 3D Land
(brother’s) Mario Kart 7
Getting X when it comes out

also, a handful of DS Pokemon games: Platinum, SoulSilver, White, Black 2.

Friend Code: 4940-5813-0574
(and feel free to Swapnote too. That’s a fun feature that I rarely ever use, but I kinda wish I did)

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X is for Hippies
Y Represents

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Let’s keep the pokemon discussion over in the pokemon thread and keep this one for general 3ds/ds chats/ organise some game time together. :smile: Sound good?

What’s your friend code @PyreStarite?

hrm…I will have to check, is there one code for the 3DS in general?

The 3DS has its own friend code that allows you to see when friends are online, what game they’re playing, etc. and some games like the DS Pokemon games have in-game friend codes to enable wi-fi trading and battling.

I have my 3DS friend code in an earlier post, but if anyone wants my Soulsilver(which I never really play), White or Black 2 code, I can find it and add it.

My 3ds friend code is:

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Found it
Accomplished Mii Maker

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I’ll get my friend cost up when I get Pokemon. Right now I only have Etrian odyssey 4 so it’s irrelevant :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we can add each other to the friends list etc. Just for future reference :smile:

Oooh, I’ve been looking at that game. Its got all the things I love (interesting Skill tree, cool art, etc. I am a sucker for JRPGs, moreso if they have skill trees). I’ve heard really great things about it and enjoyed the demo, but I’m on the fence about if I want to buy it… Too many other games coming out that I want to play, as well as ones already out I haven’t played yet…

I am loving this game, and I ain’t even a fan of first person dungeon crawlers.

If there is ever a time to pick it up, now would be it. I game it at Gamestop new for 20 bucks.

So I’m one of those Hippies :grin: … still some time until Stonehearth :stuck_out_tongue:

FriendCode: 2406-6527-6160

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Awesome, have added you all!

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Yes, you are playing the hippie version.
I’ll buy you a tie-dye t-shirt if it helps

I would prefer a black one with a Stonehearth logo :wink:

Don’t be alarmed if you find a random Tyler in your 3DS Friends List, it’s hard to get orange hair on a mii

You know, that’s probably a good thing to have as a disclaimer/side-note on the first post (@Geoffers747) . My mii is Neal, just so that everyone’s clear

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FC for Stonehearthers: 4184-2337-7227

You’ll be able to tell it’s Dash. The mii’s name is Dash.

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Will add you in a minute @Dash :smile: