Steam usernames

Since Multiplayer super unstable branch is now open for people to test it i just though i make a Steam friend name list so we can all add each others and play multiplayer with other people. My Steam name is Anonymous feel free to add your steam username below. My picture is the anonymous man holding with both middle fingers


I’m coasterspaul.

Edit: Going to be running a multiplayer world from now until this post is an hour old, since I really want to play with some other people right now! Feel free to add me and drop in!

Edit: PC spontaneously shut down and is now restarting (i’m typing this on my phone.) Probably unrelated. Will say when I’ve got it back up.


Profile Link:

Look for the Castlevania Alucard avatar or the 1200 hours on Stonehearth in the recent activity.

EDIT: Mid-USA Timezone here. Central time.

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You can find me in the workshop, which I guess is where all the sudden invites came this last week. Sorry for ignoring your invite! I was not prepared! Feel free to send it again.


I’m either Kittyodoom or rswhisper …admittedly don’t remember which I actually show up as anymore…


@BrunoSupremo Do I need to send again?

Have fun! I would love to join you, but I’m not sure how much I trust my internet to not end up bogging things down for everyone else involved.

YMIHere on Steam

EST, but I’m on an overnight schedule.

Thahat on steam :), since I’m on EU time, expect me to be wanting to play the next few hours :slight_smile:

Steamname: Ephtus . Should we add timezones haha? EU player here :sunny:

EDIT: Added all on this list so far :smile:

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I’m searching someones to try multiplayer with. (EU timezone)
My steam profile (LordCrow)


i am sorry i did not see this thread (or recognize it for what it was) i will delete mine lol

My steam is the same as here Unreal_Gam3er ( - and EU tz (GMT)


Added all :slight_smile:
i do not get home until this evening (UK) and am english speaking only

my Avatar is that of an plasma/electric ball (just check my various posts which will show my second screen and you wil notice :stuck_out_tongue:

Steam: Stmpnk
SEA player (probably just waking up when you guys are about to sleep :smile:.)

EDIT: Steam login change.


Are you certain that’s your login? You’re showing up as Stmpnk because that’s definitely your artstyle.

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Oops sorry my bad, that’s the old one.

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TheLegoRebel is my steam name, and looking to play now is my game. :merry:

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Cavern is my steam name and i don’t have a logo if anyone wants to play! :smiley:

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There’s a few caverns, lol. Why don’t you send me a friend request?

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Yangzhoui is the name. Findable trough search or trough my mods in the workshop!

Anyone who is intrested feel free to add me ^^

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