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A profile picture of a Knight Templar, only one on Steam with that profile pic/username combo.

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Hey guys,this is my Profile.
Feel free to add me if you don’t mind time difference(Utc+8 ,Taiwan).


My name should be the same on steam feel free to add me and msg me! Profile


So sorry about that i was looking at my original username i fixed it now thanks for letting me know


Name Bock326



My steam username is Leonn

Feel free to add me, I’ll be playing and running a server a lot, thanks :smiley:


Hi !

My steam username is Chouchax (picture : a draw of an angel)

I’m french and i have a great internet connection. So, add me to test this multiplayer mod !
PS: i will not play today but tomorrow for sure


My Steam Name is Magus Coldfire

Feel free to add me, my english is not the best though when it comes to speaking :smiley:


Hi gang :slight_smile: Unka Bean the old hippie here. Lookin for a few friends to play multiplayer with. If you are as well add me and leave your steam name in the list so others can friend you as well…

On steam I am: deebitz

aka will trusty

I’m a stone hearth junkie and love playing, and making new friends is always a bonus.
So hook me up we’ll play and have some fun :slight_smile:

Time zone: retired so pretty much always free :wink:

Unka Bean


My username is glenny3214. I really hope you add me for Stonehearth. I play some other stuff too.


Im looking to play right now or late tonight. Im WolfTheNinja on steam and WolfTheNinja#2686 on discord


Hey all, looking for people to play some multiplayer with on a semi-regular basis… don;t need to be every day but at least like 3 days out of every week or something like that. Wanna really test this out and have some fun.
My timezone is US EST, usually on from noon till about 2am my time my steam link is below if you wish too add me.


Steam: SPC Grismer, add me for multiplayer!


Preferably TS if you got it but will type in game chat or through steam


I’m retr0viruss on steam ! I would Love to have people to play with.


To find me I’m mlhandy for acct, but steam name is Cypher



Usually Playing 0500-0900 EST Week Days

My Go-To Templates are on the Workshop.


you age of empires barracks is spot on dude :stuck_out_tongue: (just saw it like 2 seconds ago)


I’m Ophidahlia, profile pic is Medusa. Atlantic time (-4:00)


I like to put my campfire and banner in the ‘courtyard’ and use it as a bunk house for my militia… works great.