Favorite Pokemon

So, lately I’ve been scrolling through the Stonehearth discourse and noticed a lot of other gaming discussions going on. A few months back I made the “Name Backstory” thread and I got a lot of interesting answers and discussions from that thread. So I pose this question to you guys on the discourse.

“What are your top 10 favorite Pokemon?” I love this question, my ex and I discussed this for about 4 hours one time and the result was that I have a very sinister set of interests. So, the way I’d like this to work isyou post a comment with your top 10 favorites and why they make it to your top 10. It can be they looks awesome or good stats, whatever you feel makes them your favorites.

My Favorite Pokemon are:

  1. Sneasel - This pokemon is my favorite because the first pokemon I played a game through with was a Sneasel. My brother caught it near the end of the game and tricked me into trading my Totodile for it, since then I fell in love with the design and the lore around the pokemon. One of the pokedex entries tell us it eats unhatched Pidgeys. Awesome.
  2. Hypno - I love the design of Hypno but Pokemon Lore takes the cake here. A Hypno once stole a child from their home using hypnosis. This is awesome because I have a very big interest in criminal behavior and the thought of a pokemon being able to kidnap children just makes the games much more enjoyable for me.
  3. Haunter - I love Haunter. In generation 2 of Pokemon, Morty has Gengars. I always wanted one, so I caught a Gastly and trained it to Level 50. It never evolved and I kept it as a Haunter, it grew on me and eventually landed on my top 10 for a pokedex entry. “Haunter is a dangerous Pokémon. If one beckons you while floating in darkness, you must never approach it. This Pokémon will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away.” Awesome.
  4. Galvantula - I loved this pokemons design since I caught a Joltic and it evolved. I love its evolution chain. Enough said, not to mention it’s unique typing.
  5. Gliscor - This pokemon has a amazing design. I love the color scheme and the lore behind it. Gliscor can circle the globe with only a faint breeze without flapping its wings once. That’s just too awesome, it’s move pool isn’t that bad either.
  6. Noctowl - This was another one of those 'first pokemon" type scenarios, this was the first pokemon I caught on my own with my super awesome Sneasel. I love it’s design and everything about this pokemon…except for the Shiny verison of it… ewww.
  7. Yanmega - I caught a Yanma in 2nd Gen, and I saw it’s evolution and was instantly loved it. Something so cute evolving into something that could eat my sister, sign me up. Not only that but the pokedex entries for this beast: “Its jaw power is incredible. It is adept at biting apart foes while flying by at high speed.” This pokemon is epic in every way.
  8. Cubone - I love this pokemon because of it’s back story and future as well as its design. A Cubone wears the skull of it’s mother. It sits next to it’s mom waiting to her to wake up, crying the entire time. Taking her skull and wearing it for the remainder of its life. Not only is this extremely sading, it’s one of the many pokemon with a grim past and future.
  9. Crawdaunt - A beautiful design, interesting typing and down to the bone bad#$%, I loved this pokemon and it is often my water pokemon of choice when I can get one.
  10. Giratina - Not because of it’s legendary status, but because of its story. Giratina was created by Arceus then banned to the dark realm forever for its behavior. This is extremely familiar to what happened to Lucifer in the Bible. The similarities don’t stop there. Giratina’s horn, tentacle and leg counts: 6 horns, 6 tentacles and 6 legs and the number of the devil is 666. Giratina’s forms are based on a Serpant and a Basilisk both are referenced in the bible as Lucifer’s preferred animal forms. I love this pokemons lore.

Now it’s your turn, feel free to share :blush:


Just one, squirtle :turtle: :heart:

Duh, I like Magikarps!

i dunno about top ten but mabye top 5 i could do

  1. weavile because it looks so badass and the pokedex entry is “They communicate by clawing signs into boulders and work together to surround enemies” which is just awesome.
    2.Blaziken because it was my second lvl 100 and he is awesome and like the original fire/fighting poekmon
    3.sandslash because he always held a soft spot in my heart since hes so cute.
  2. breloom since i mean hes a badass and the pokedex entry was “BRELOOM closes in on its foe with light and sprightly footwork, then throws punches with its stretchy arms. This POKéMON’s fighting technique puts boxers to shame” which is awesome
    5 last but not least Hydreigon because there is nothing cooler than a three headed dragon tearing your foes limb from limb… i mean making them faint

Did you know the Hydreigon Evolution line has the german words for 1, 2 and 3 for each stange in their names?

I don’t have a favourite, I have favourites

Squirtle - Just… Squirtle.
Chikorita - Who doesn’t love a blobby prehistoric creature?
Voltorb - It’s a pokéball inside a pokéball… pokéballception!
Rattata - Cutest pokémon… evar!!!
Poliwag - Gotta love that waggly tail-wing.
Growlithe - Tiger-dog that fires fire… my cuppa’ tea.
Arcanine - Growlithe x2.
Onix - Rock snake… yes!

I have so many more, but I think I’ve wasted enough of the page’s space already.

Urm Magikarp..... Guess im not Alone.....

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Charzard, mewtwo, Tiranitar, and most dragon type Pokemon.

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Might not be surprising… coming from me… but Gastly / Haunter are my favorites… I love the ghost type in general!

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Duskclops is awesome! Ghost types are by far the most interesting type :stuck_out_tongue: (in my opinion)


Arcanine and Gengar are definitely my top 2!


I really hope no one took me seriously. My favorite pokemon definitely have to be… hmm…

Tyranitar, Rayquaza, Groudon, I thought Empoleon was pretty cool, of course Charizard and Blastoise, oh, and let’s not forget Latios. For the most part, my favorite generation was Gen 3, because that was the first one that I really played and enjoyed, instead of playing mindlessly.

In general, though, Steel and Dragon types are awesome (for me, at least), and Fire types are typically pretty cool.

@SynysterMuskrat Did you know that Arcanine was originally going to be a Legendary? He was originally planned to be the Legendary Fire Type of Gen 1, but after all the focus on the 3 birds they scarped the idea and designed Moltres and gave Arcanine a Basic Stage. Another fact about Arcanine is only obtainable through Trades or Evolution, only a few other pokemon are in this group.

I’m not sure on that second fact. I swear I’ve had one and I can’t trade…

I think he went that you can’t find any in the wild!

I’ll post my top 10 tomorrow @Pandemic :smile:

Edit: Well I’ll treat you and get them in now!

  1. Butterfree - The year is 1999. 8 year old me is excited at this awesome world that’s unfolding and I’ve just caught a Caterpie. The Caterpie soon blossomed into a Butterfree; that butterfree stuck with me through the whole game and got me out of a few tough situations - sleep powder is awesome.

  2. Sandslash - It isn’t a pokemon that particularly stands out, but it is a solid ground type and well, I think it looks pretty cool!

  3. Kadabra - Why not Alakazam? Well, Kadabra was one of those Pokemon that helped me through some of those difficult battles and I didn’t have the opportunity until Silver/ Gold to trade one to get the Alakazam, so Kadabra it is!

  4. Lapras - I have ab it of a soft spot for water/ Ice hyrbids. Boasts a tonne of health and can wipe the floor with most things sent it’s way! Plus, it’s majestic as hell!

  5. Walrein - Fitting into that water/ Ice theme. Again, has a ridiculous amount of heath, and was my prized Pokemon for Ruby/ Sapphire.

  6. Umbreon - My first Dark type, and an all round cool pokemon. Probably my favourite Dark type!

  7. Tyranitar - Beast. That is all.

  8. Metagross - Meteor Mash. Do I need to say any more than that? A great dual-type, some strong moves, and is just one of those Pokemon you can rely on.

  9. Lucario - One of my favourite Pokemon. Quick with great potential - fighting/ steel is a great dual-type.

And I don’t have a tenth :cry: sorry @Pandemic


My favorite pokemon is Evee

Favorite pokemon is Alakazam for sure…took me long to get him…and he looks friendly and trustworthy :smiley:

I have attachments to Umbreon, Arcanine, Azumaril, and Bravery. So it’s only natural if I had to start any journey, it would be with Eevee, Growlith, Azuril, and Rufflet n.n