Stonehearth Creepypasta

Well, as with any (soon-to-be) popular game, Stonehearth needs its creepypasta. Games like Pokemon and the Mario Games all have their collections of scary stories, so why not Stonehearth? Now, I realize Stonehearth may not be the most creepypasta-friendly game, however, I’m sure there are lots of great writers on the ol’ Discourse, so I’m sure they could knock something up. Share your own, link your discoveries, tell us all about Stonehearth Creepypasta!

Oh, I have one!

I once started modding Stonehearth.


Wait till summer. (I make videos naked during summer)

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A punchline for you.

So it could mod back.

My puny massive communist brain cannot get a grip on what the heck this “CreepyPasta” is. Are you asking us to make up fake stories that are of a scary nature? Little help here?

I hope you’re roleplaying :stuck_out_tongue:!

I’m not.

Dat chat limit doe, your guess was fairly accurate, the site explains it better than I can anyway and reading a few will give you the best idea.

We have lots of creepy bugs, it’s time to put them in scary stories to tell to the post final release generations of settlers… o.o

You know, little Mer, your great-grandmother had a cousin without head… And he walked at night through the town, that’s why you have to go to bed early… or else he’ll come back from death to get you!

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While is okay, I prefer Creepypasta Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia. There’s pictures and I feel that they categorize better.