Pokemon Mod Idea


I personally think it would be awesome to make a pokemon mod. but instead of catching them and then battling other trainers, they would be kind of like wizards. Their moves would be spells, and they could level up after you catch them. They would be like shock troops. you could name them and maybe even give them special armor and items to boost their stats. I think it would be really cool

Favorite Pokemon
Favorite Pokemon
So, any Pokèmon fans out there?



And Geoffers is already on it… Lol.


I would probably play this, even though I’m normally a vanilla player.


To many pokemons to model… i would have started right now, but i’m trying to figure out how to play a game called Dwarf Fortress…


Well I felt we shouldn’t derail the other thread :smile:

Edit: Here @jonyon54 [urlhttp://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920022565.do] this 240 page book might help! [/url]


:dizzy_face: :gun:



Pika! just a little pikachu draft lol


I made a pikachu as well.

I spent a ton of time on it and it still doesn’t look very good. I think that @jollins way of making pokemon just look like people is better because of all the flat surfaces. normal pokemon like mine i think look weird cause they are too organic.
I actually started this model out with a copy of the sheep lol


Can’t resist cute things…



awww look at the little kitty/thunder rat thing. Seriously whats up with pokemon…


i like this pokemorph* … :+1:

(*trademark pending)


@TheThunderOne some advice from @Tom. he said that he does his voxels masterpieces by making it not true to realty.