Please help me in the modes and Modelling

I have a question to the people who make fashion I know that there are many of these and decided to address the court.
1 How to make mods Explain if it is not difficult at all fingers like an ordinary person what programs are used for this purpose, and where to start.
I understand that the game is still in alpha test, but if possible it would be valuable information.
2 Where are the starting model of the game, people, rabbits, saws, axes, and the like.

In advance I thank you, I am from Russia and I translate through Google translator so it may be that it is not clear but believe me you still do not understand more =)
And I can not understand all the more because of the translation 2 :joy:

hi @Vladislav26rus,
introduction to modding is not that complicated since you just need to look at a template(sample) of someone else work.
if your anything like me you can just unzip the stonehearth.smod using 7zip or something you would probably found your answer.


I was then interested in modding to java but there was nothing like that but then the theory is not reached thanks for the reply.:slightly_smiling:

Topic up waiting for more answers

I could give you some pointers on where and how to get started, but there’s already some existing over here :slightly_smiling:

But I could also extend to what ACEXHUNT said, and point your attention over to Radiants own sample mod. You could study it and see how to mod in a craftable object.

And of course, if there’s something that you’re stuck on, or if you’ve got a question, feel free to come here and ask it. Good luck!

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everyone has already covered all the basics, so i’ve just popped in to say good luck! and always make sure to follow TR’s modding rules found here,

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