Placing furniture in buildings under construction

There are several issues that I suppose are interconnected. So I’ll put them all into one thread.
Please write below if you have experienced that, too, and your own thoughts on it!

— Placing furniture with “place item” tool:

Expected Results:
“Place item” tool and “Decoration” tool inside the builder are two separate tools. I expect the second to add the placed furniture to the building template while the first to just free-place it.

Actual Results:
Both tools add furniture to the building’s construction queue, including in in the template. If you save the building afterwards the furniture placed in any way will be included in the template save. Should those two tools work in a different way as I described? And if yes, how should one include a previously free-placed piece of furniture in the template?

— Placing furniture with “place item” tool - after the building has been completed:

Expected Results:
As in the previous case, when a building is completed (seeing “Congratulations!” when you select it), the “Decorations” tool from the builder should not be available (as you should not be able to edit a finished structure). So any furniture placed after finishing construction should be done via “place item” and not count towards building completion nor to its template.

Actual Results:
Adding a piece of furniture to the already completed building “unlocks” its construction status, changing it from being “complete” to being “under construction” until the furniture is placed. Which is not exactly logical.

— Placing furniture with “move item” tool:

Expected Results:
“Move item” tool references an item that is already placed in the world. What I expect for the hearthling is to pick that exact item from the first place and put it in the new (inside a building under construction).

Actual Results:
The tool works inconsistently. Sometimes the item in question is moved as ordered. But sometimes hearthlings bring a new one from the stockpile, completely ignoring the initial item. Which is not good, expecially when moving containers already having contents and tweaked filters.

Version Number:


This is the core problem:
When you place anything new into or onto a building after construction has begun, it is automatically added to the blueprint. If something is removed from the building, it is also automatically removed from the blueprint. However, windows and doors are an exception. Doors can only be removed via console command destroy_immediately and windows cannot be removed at all.

Of course anytime you move something into a position where it forces the AI to recalculate placement of scaffolding you will have problems, regardless of blueprint behavior. It is advised you do not move anything into a building still under construction, or if you must add something wait until the building structure is complete- like floor ceiling walls and roof.

The problem of moving items. I agree this is terrible behavior. Each item should have a unique ID and if the player orders something to happen with that specific item it should not be done to any other item that is the same type but only that ID. As far as I know, I have not seen this happen in any of my games. This is an actual bug.


I really want the Place Item menu to keep working with blueprints, though, because it allows for windows and doors in “walls” made block by block, and for fences to be part of a template.

If there’s a way to make the place item menu be less buggy, but move the fence/window/door placing abilities properly into the building editor, I’m all for it.

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I understand. The situation is somewhat tricky: on one hand, using “Place items” for building parts (like windows or doors) is confusing. On the other, I, too, want doors and windows to remain freely placeable to provide more architectural freedom and flexibility (and this option currently exists only within the “Place item” tool).

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I’ve said it before…

For fences there really needs to be a way to place multiple fences in a line. Why should it ever take me 400 clicks to create a fence when I can make a wall in less than 10? The fence will also cost a lot more!

I’d like to add my experience regarding the inconsistent behavior of placing furniture with the “move item” tool here. It seems this is related to whether or not that piece of furniture is part of another building’s template. Reproduction steps:

1.) Tell your hearthlings to place a bed from storage into the world
2.) Construct a building that includes a bed in its template
3.) Construct another building (with reasonable free space) somewhere else
4.) Tell your hearthlings to move the lone bed to Building 2 —> the task completes as expected
5.) Tell your hearthlings to move the bed from Building 1 to Building 2 —> the bed is not moved, but instead, a new bed is added to the template of Building 2, which reverts to “under construction” status until your hearthlings fetch a new bed from storage

Reliably works for me in A20r699.

This seems to suggest that furniture added through a template is somehow different from furniture that the player places into the world.

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