Building Template does not come with most of the furniture or decorations when placed and built

I just finished making a template building, saved it and then tried to place it down again to see if it was saved properly.

Now whenever i place it down again to get it built most of the furniture and decorations can be seen on the template but then disappears when i try to get it built.

Also, when i hover over the template it tells me the proper build cost, but when i click on the template, most of all the building items are gone.

This shows the amount of furniture and decorations it has before being clicked on.

After being clicked and placed down to get built, most of the building cost gets cut off.
Also a comparison to another building template on the right compared to the bugged one.

Result of instant build command. As you can see it built some furniture only.
Windows, lanterns, beds etc are not placed at all.

Something like that: [bug] Invisible furniture & windows & decorations (building) ?