An odd happening

I had build a small square house but thought to expand the side, Removed the square one then replaced that with the modified house and the hearthlings started to build it, while it was being build I placed a Weaver’s loom in and couple beds, here’s the odd part, the loom became part of the house, I cannot move it, they loosen it but it sits there

hmm… probably linked to this new change,

not sure if what you’re seeing is intended or not… paging @yshan!


I been checking this issue out to give a better description of it, so far it only happens if the building isn’t finished, in one instance there was just a diamond window frame waiting to be placed (had 12 of them in stockpile but…builders seemed to want freshly build one :unamused:) I had placed the Loom and Spindle in the house but they would not move the ones already placed outside, again they wanted fresh build stuff and they would after I made the weaver make new ones place those, so weird

probably related:

i tried moving a brazier that was part of a building template (after it had completed), and now it’s stuck in ghost form forever

note: the item i moved was already placed before the update

Yes, had them ghost as well, only way to remove em is to remove the building unfortunately

I’m having this issue with release-687, turrets and a scout’s gong become attached. Both buildings that they were attached to were completed. I used destroy on the building with the gong but left the turrets in place trying repeatedly to move them and ending up duplicating them in time allowing me to have more turrets than the limit should have allowed.

I have experienced similar issues with the newest patch. I made my Ascendary build a brown striped street (to look like a field) and then moved wild flowers onto it (after it was completed). They became attached as well and impossible to remove.

Hey @snocat, @Reedo :slight_smile:
For the moment, avoid placing undeployable items on buildings.
This is a bug related to the change that made items in templates be auto-replaced when they are destroyed (for example, doors).

Figured as much^^ Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: