Phantom Furniture Hitboxes After Destroying Building [Steam Report]

Thought I’d highlight this error from Steam since it’s reproducible and quite clear.

Jun 7 ViperZeroOne

Phantom Furniture after Building Destruction + Workaround
This bug occured when I decided to move a building from one location to another. I demolished the building, the hearthlings cleaned up the materials and furniture that dropped, and then found I couldn’t build anything in that location.

To find out what happened I did a little “sonar” work using the storage area tool. I drew line after line, slowly revealing locations where I couldn’t place a storage area. It didn’t take me long to realize the places I couldn’t “color” with the storage tool were the exact places where I had furniture in the building I had just destroied.

Ideally, the workaround would be to simply remove the furniture before you destroy the building.
The actual workaround, if you end up with phantom furniture, is to find a clearing and just place all the old furniture in it temporarily. You actually have to PLACE the SAME furniture that was used in the building. If you have 6 tables in storage and only 1 of the tables was in the old building, you can’t just place any of the 6 tables. You have to place the specific table that was in the destroied building. (or just place all the furniture, which is what I eventually did)

When the furniture is placed it clears out the old colision box from where the furniture originally was located (in the destroied building). After I went through that process I was then able to build where the old building was. As for the furniture in the clearing, you can just have your hearthlings pick it back up again.


If you just reload the game it clears them, at least for me. It does need to be fixed though.

Looking into this, thank you.

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