Pfft, Zangief Titan?


I designed a friend for Chun Li and Zangief!


honestly @Froggy … its just very unbecoming of me to continuously gush over everything you make… could you try making a cr@ppy model next time? :smiley:

are you just a natural at this, or have you used other modeling packages before?

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How about a SONIC BOOM instead? :wink:


Guile!!! pant wheeze

ok, if Blanka is next on the horizon, i am so going to add you to my Christmas card list…

Oh you mean this guy??? tease

But no, Chun Li is next, as the Kingdom are asking for a female model template :person_frowning:

oh, i am perfectly fine with that… in fact, if you want to throw in a Cammy model, i wouldnt be entirely upset either… :wink:

am i showing my n3rd cards yet? :smiley:

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thats it… your raw talent is making me feel wholly incompetent, and to a certain degree, less manly…

throws out 50 knuckle pushups

there… now, to find come crayons, as that is clearly more my speed…

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@SteveAdamo Love you too man! xD


She is by far my favourite :heart:

while Ryu’s and Ken’s headbands are awesome, and Guile’s camouflage is wicked cool… i would have to agree, Chun Li’s pig-tails are just crazy awesome… i can just see them animating as she runs through town, putting the hurt down on any invading forces… :wink:

Turns out turntable is actually useful!


How long did it take you to flip everything upside down?

i dunno, but seeing a voxel Chun Li doing her signature spin kick ranks right up there with seeing Big Foot, and man’s first steps on the moon…

dont judge me, i have an illness… :stuck_out_tongue:

Our very 1st Voxel Fan-service…Blue Panties in Voxel.

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It took about 5 seconds to turn everything upside down using the rotate tool! :wink: However repositioning the hands and legs while redrawing the ribbons took about 10 minutes.

Really need to learn how to use Blender and Photoshop as Qubicle just doesn’t have the grunt :confused:


First off, Berrets are really hard to draw, and secondly… omg there is a lot of NSFW images out there when researching Cammy O.o


Cammie!! nerd rage!!

@Froggy you are … words just cant… butterflies in my…

man crush… nuff said

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My first ever attempt at ANYTHING in 3dsMax. Should have tried something simpler :laughing:



Well done sie, well done!