SteveAdamo's true form

Such moment ;-;


I KNEW IT!!! I knew something wasn’t right about him!

That is a perfect rendition, except I notice you didn’t include his red horns and his fangs. But I guess your reputation is more important :wink:

That’d be me :wink: .

Mind you, I’ve always thought of @SteveAdamo as looking more outwardly harmless :wink: …

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i’m … at a loss for words… :smile:

torn between being flattered and flabbergasted… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes…Soon the rebellion shall begin in earnest…

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm when @SteveAdamo is SanGoku … is then @Geoffers747 Frieza?

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I always knew something was up…

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Son Goku. But yeah maybe.

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German Sangoku ^^ Little Difference - Sry ^^

Am I the only one waiting for a steve an geoffers fusion now?

you and me both, brother…


because of the fusion … i dont know why but everytime i have seen this i have thinked of homosexuality… sooo when steve and geoffers fusion snartrump WHO IS THE WOMEN PART :wink: