My modeled character

Hey can anyone with modelling skills models me a character made of voxels for my profil picture please.

It would look like this character

post it on the reply

is that duke? from tales of vesperia?

Yes! Very observant! ^^

i do love that game, i would’ve played all the tales games if i had a PS3 :(, sadly i chose for the xbox. This is also one of the best characters in my regard.

…because I thought the character presented an interesting challenge.


whaaaaaaaaaaaat, can i call you god now? Challenge has been completed! you nailed it!

Really great work froggy. I thought of trying this one too just for getting more into qubicle but i guess ill look for another challange ;).

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Thanks, but I cheated. I had to increase the resolution of the character.

The real skill is keeping it at one voxel… oh and hair… I hate hair.

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I’ve noticed, in your defense, this would’ve been pretty much impossible to complete without doubling the size.

I’ve also noticed it. Pretty cool results, as always :smiley:
This could be a good technique to use when making isolated models for competitions or the like.

It looks amazing! Changing my profil pic, thanks froggy! :3

Yeah saw this too. Perhaps i’ll go and try this one on the standard voxel guy :smiley:

i shall refrain from my usual gushy responses, that tout your ever increasing skills… and simply offer this digital fist-bump… :facepunch:

oh, who am i kidding… this man is pure voxel awesomeness! :smile:

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