XTheEmoPandaX's Creations

Welcome to my topic where I post my Qubicle creations! Most of them are characters from pop culture or video games. Enjoy.

hi @XTheEmoPandaX … if you like, paste the link here, and i’ll embed it for you (it may be a permissions issue)…

alternatively, you could try uploading it to imgur, and linking to the image hosted there…

edit: sorry, misread your post… are you getting an error message when attempting to upload to discourse?

Not sure if you can already upload a picture with the status of a “basic user”. In worst case, try to upload the picture on some free webspace and include the link into your post.

I’m not getting any error messages. But let me try again.

EDIT: Nope still not working

Finally I just made a link



and it was worth the wait… St. Nick! :smiley:

the model is really well done… loving the beard…

I might give him a sleigh and a few elves

ooo santa titan… I told you kids not to be naughty,lol


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ok, it official… we have the first voxel-stache! :+1:

excellent work on the model and coloring… mario’s red is indeed very vibrant… my one constructive criticism (sure is easy for me to criticize, when i cant make a model to save my life)… if you are going for the depth in the mustache, i think it makes the eyebrows and hair look very flat in comparison…

have you tried to see what it looks like,bumping those out 1 voxel perhaps?

Let me do it right now!


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yes! so subtle, but it really does bring his head to life… :smiley:

and forgive the second critique, but i failed to notice that his suspenders dont attach to his trousers in the back… in fact, perhaps bumping out the deeper shade of blue (in the front) by 1 voxel, likewise around the waist (in the back) and connecting the suspenders will add some “depth” to the back as well?

but the eyebrows and hair already made a huge difference…

now the final version (sorted out most of the kinks) Mario!

well done @XTheEmoPandaX… well done indeed… Princess Peach would be very proud… :princess:

I probably have another video game qubicle creation posted either today or tomorrow, but probably tomorrow since I tend to procrastinate.

So I heard you like dragons. WELL I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS AND MAKE SOMETHING TO SLAY ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE DRAGONS!!! Glad I got that out of my system. Also, this is my first one I did from scratch (making the model, bodyparts, etc.). I put a lot of deatil into this. Behold! Dovahkiin!



Working on another one. Probably be up tomorrow.

as an avid Elder Scrolls n3rd, i applaud your work my good man… +2 internet points to you…

Tanku for da points!

I’m taking suggestions for what should i do next. I hope to do at least one creation a day.