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Hi, On the statr my English is lame / weak. So sorry and I hope that at least can understand sentences: D

More to the point here are some of my ideas whether play with the cubes
All ratings and comments will be very helpful.

Hello again after a long break (lack of time, etc.). Due to the fact that I have to reinstall the operating system. I decided to throw all the work on Dropbox. So my modest base is available in the format “.qb” if anyone would want to :).




All model / :smile:


Edited: Great stuff Vatarax!

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welcome to the forums @vatarax :slight_smile:

i edited your post to link to your external content… seemed to work just fine, so feel free to take a look at my edits and repeat for the remainder if you like… :slight_smile:

edit: nice voxel work too!

You do realise he’d already given that exact link right? I get that you want to promote the site but that’s just ridiculous.

He edited his main post to provide that link after I already made the comment

Well I saw the link there before his post had been edited so either discourse or you are lying to me.

I have no need to lie to you :stuck_out_tongue: I edited my other post to provide relevancy to his projects and remove the link that I posted :blush:

its all good… let’s just focus on the great models… :wink:

and @vatarax … just let me know if you would like me to edit the remainder of your post…

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@SteveAdamo If you could it would be nice

@Xavion it’s true I gave the link after edit

all set! and now that i’ve seen all your work… wow… 'nuff said… :wink:

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omg the spear works so well i can never got mine to look right

Hello after a year ;p
Fix 1st post. Remove some old image add new one and link :slight_smile: