Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others


I completely missed where you said you fixed this :confused: Trying it now & will let you know

Yes that seems to have fixed the error that was popping up - thanks!!


Oh, nice, I wasn’t expecting it to work. I updated the first post with the new .smod as 1.0b.

So I found a way to actually design entity on top of entity building by creating slabs, placing entities and removing slabs. The question is: will the Lings build them properly? Here’s what I’m expecting them to build after using InstaBuild:

The sad answer is: nope. They still won’t build ladders to place entities on top of entities. The Mason has already crafted all the pieces needed to finish this yet the Lings are 100% happy with the ghost columns :forlorn:


Can you place them on top of each other manually, like with crates?

It’s an annoying solution, to be certain…


The Lings won’t place ladders, no matter if it’s a blueprint or manually moved ghost. That’s why I only get 3 lower segments placed correctly, 4th and up require ladders which the Lings won’t place.


Wouldn’t it be nice if they fixed that. Just managed to come across these. BTW. Awesome work! Somehow I also missed the poll but just voted. It should be possible to shorten the length but then base which months are what seasons based on the biome. Of course from a modder’s perspective that would require significant overhead.


Oh, not an overhead at all, actually that’s what I was planning from the beginning. That being written, I am not sure whether it is worth messing with seasons at this stage of SH development because some crucial things are still not exposed to Lua (e.g. terrain palette cannot be changed by a service) and it simply cannot be fully functional now. Seasons were also a Kickstarter goal so the devs may implement them their way at some point. At the moment weather seems more likely to be modded than seasons.

EDIT: Since you asked I think you may be interested in my idea of managing season changing. The idea is to create mod_name/data/climate directory and create two types of JSON files there:

  1. climates.json assigning climate files to biomes:
    "biome_alias": "mod_name:climate:climate_name",
    "biome_alias": "mod_name:climate:climate_name",
    "biome_alias": "mod_name:climate:climate_name"
  1. climate_name.json for each climate:
    "annual_cycle": [
    "seasons": {
        "season_name": {
            season parameters here
        "season_name": {
            season parameters here
        "season_name": {
            season parameters here
        "season_name": {
            season parameters here

Whenever new month starts the service checks if the season name for the new month is different than for the month which has just passed and performs needed changes if it is. I’ve managed to write such service, the problem is most of the things I would like to change are not exposed to Lua yet so while the technical stuff is coded and works the things which affect the gameplay and visuals are simply not possible to code right now.


Oh that is right. Forgot about seasons being a goal.


So the new unstable release features the first vanilla stone-wooden door. I’ve already updated the stone-wooden doors from LostEms to match the new style, the question is: should I also update stone windows to match the new darker theme?

New dark theme:

Old bright theme:

  • Yes, update the windows to match the Mason’s Door
  • No, keep stone windows brighter than the new doors

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EDIT: It seems I forgot to port shuttered windows from Finetems, while I don’t think the coloured ones should come back (they don’t suit the overall style well) the plain wooden ones seem just fine.

Also, iconic models for my windows have become almost impossible to distinguish so it is time to say goodbye to them, downscaled full-size models will be used from now on.

EDIT2: Here is the dark theme version for those of you who’d like to test it in-game, also features shuttered windows and appeal bugfix for double ironclad door: lostems.smod (593.2 KB)


Announcement: due to some huge stuff coming in the next alpha and my limited spare time I decided to focus on Archmod for a while because it doesn’t interfere with any vanilla functionality.

Now I have a bit of a problem:

I don’t think the vanilla door wings suit the Classical set for Archmod. I did some research and the framing should be made of copper or bronze so a dark green vibe with darker wood would be historically correct. I was thinking about giving the door a bit more HP and making them require a copper bar. What do you guys think? After all, Archmod assets are meant to be the expensive stuff so maybe drop the wood completely and use only copper:


Also, a feature which is an absolute must are pediments:

The thing is I am not sure how to implement them. Making them an arbitrary part of a door or window is not what I want because the whole idea of Archmod is to keep stuff modular. Making them decorations ‘hanging’ on walls like tapestry etc. makes it impossible to top a structure with them but making them wide enough to place them independently forces the player to make them visible on both sides of a wall.


I really like the new door, making them copper seems fine - I don’t have much use for it in the endgame anyway.

Would there be a way to offset the pediment placement so placing them on the top block actually puts them above?


In my opinion you should have both options. Some should be placed like tapestries, while others, “bigger” ones, could be placed like chairs. Neither of them would be part of the building’s estructure thought, just decoration.

Have fun, Kyth.

PS: Lovely copper door! I want it!


A quick announcement: due to my limited spare time and the fact I’m working on a mod for the 10th anniversary of Anno 1404 release progress of SH mods will be even slower than before. The only stuff handled immediately will be bug reports for my mods.

Good news is the mod involves quite a bit of architectonic research which will be beneficial to Archmod as well, specifically to the Medieval assets.


Everything except Archmod and already released mods is cancelled. The devs are doing great at vanillising stuff I wanted to mod so I’d rather wait and see what they come up with.


Weekly Report:

  • Autoharvest Mod uploaded to Steam Workshop,
  • fixed a small but annoying bug with Autoharvest commands not being given ordinal value what resulted in them dancing around the UI instead of sticking to one place like any adult responsible button would do,
  • all currently released mods are intended to end up on Steam Workshop eventually, I will of course keep them uploaded here as well.

I also intend to look into the Autoharvest code to make it less invasive, right now I have to modify two vanilla components while I’d prefer to operate solely on a custom one.


I was thinking whether it is easy enough to tell which items are modded based on their icons. As of now I add a small mod icon in left bottom corner but I thought about making a semi-transparent mod icon the background instead. What do you think?

  • Semi-transparent mod icon as the background
  • Small opaque icon in the corner

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Could you give an example of either?

Inherently the semi-transparent one was my response, especially since I started doing similar with my current WIP mod update. But there’s two main concerns offhand;

  • It is likely to add a bit of extra time to your process, depending how you go about it
  • “As the background” isn’t mentally resolving for me very well (that is, I can’t really picture it), and anything I am coming up with doesn’t strike me as appealing in terms of appearance and meeting the identification functionality

But given the quality of your work, it’s very likely your intention would come out a lot better than how I’m mentally translating the description.


I sort of was hoping this would simply become a thing for Stonehearth where they would just point to a single icon for an overlay.


I almost fainted.

When I started making an example for LostEms I realised it is hardly possible to see the icon if it is a background. My perfect solution would be to add an icon field as a part of the recipe icon frame but it is not possible.


I have been enlightened to your Autoharvest mod. I never knew I wanted it so bad.

(Before the Workshop and multi-player, I generally went without mods, and for some reason I decided I liked the pain of working things out in vanilla. No more.)

Great work, there. My only annoyance is having to select each item I want auto-harvested, but given that they end up collecting a ton over time anyway, it’s not really an issue, and I understand it would probably not be worth all the effort required to change. And even with that, it’s so much better than vanilla!


I was considering making a box select tool at some point but I decided not to make it because it would encourage mass usage of autoharvest what would be a performance killer.