Giant Crops Mod 🚜


This will randomly turn some of your crops into giant sized crops. There should be no other change besides their bigger size.


:arrow_right: Steam Workshop :: Giant Crops

If you can't use Steam, then (and only then) click here for a manual installation

:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.

Instruction for modders:

You can fine tune the giant behavior for your own crops.
Open your desired crop json, and inside the “stonehearth:crop” component, just add a new entry with this:

	"chance": 1.515,
	"size_multiplier": 2

Where chance is a percentage value. The default value (1.515) spawn an average of 1 giant for each 11x11 farm.
And size_multiplier is any decimal number higher than 0. The default value (2) doubles the size of the crop.

Example code:

		"stonehearth:crop": {
			"resource_pairings": {
				"carrot_4": "stonehearth:food:carrot:carrot_basket",
				"carrot_12": ""
				"chance": 2.1,
				"size_multiplier": 1.5
			"harvest_threshhold": "carrot_4",
			"plant_overlay_effect": "stonehearth:effects:plant_crop_overlay_effect"

its so harvest mooney its hurts :smiley: i love it!
(more advanced questions: is the chance take from a file somewhere? so i can double/tripple it if you have both this one and my mod that makes crops grow 3x slower?
does it also work for mod-added crops and or does that require a compatabillity change?)

EDIT: actually i dont have to tripple it since you have triple the crops anyway to feed your people… should be fine on second thought.

The chance is hard coded. It is a 1/66 chance, which averages to 1 giant crop per full 11x11 plot.
But that is a good point, I will patch this soon so others can easily mod the value.
It works for any crop.


nice :smiley: , seems about right :slight_smile: (does the iconic and or the food portion also scale up? or is it just the field model?)

@BrunoSupremo this is awesome, so little code for a mod like this :smiley:

This property on the growing component should still work (but a mixinto to all existing crops would be needed, and I’m not sure how bad it is for performance):

Perhaps it might be possible to skip a giant variant to go to the rotten one so not all crops end up looking big, but using this is definitely more code and models required than what you did by just altering the scale of the model.

Probably a script per crop too, which is tiring :frowning_face:
Now I understand why this isn’t used.

The growth_check_script is even more powerful, yes. You could do all sorts of things with it, even spawning a different entity instead of just scaling it, or activate a campaign node, or anything else really.
But the downsides as you mentioned is that it would need to be manually inserted into all crops, and other modders would need to do the extra work for their crops.

Perfect! Now we can feed giant people!


It would be awesome, if we could get a version with 4-10 different crop sizes (smaller and bigger) to make the fiel look more realistic.


@KillerGurke_16 I love this idea, would also work wonders in tandem with my more realistic farming mod!
Not sure if @BrunoSupremo wants to do that one himself but if he doesn’t I’d love to incorporate that into mine. No giant crops, but just mild variations in crop sizes (more along the lines of minus 20% to +30%)

You can already do random variations with simple json. At your crops, you add random qb models, around here:

         "carrot_4": {
            "models": [

Which is even better as you can change not only size, but shape too.

True, does Add a lot of model clutter though, is there a way to put them in random orientations Bruno?

There is no way to make random rotations with the current vanilla game or with this mod. Only if you mod that further, which would not be hard. But it would make it really noise, the same problem with random sizes all across the field. It is better with just one or two because it is like “landmarks” in the farm.

I updated it though so it is possible to fine tune crops within your own mod, choosing the size and chance of giants per farm.

In this picture I tested (but not did it in the mod) carrots with a size 3 times bigger and with 10% chance of spawn. (the other two farms are default values, double size with 1.515% chance to spawn)

One could go super crazy and make the giant super big for his crops, or even crazier, go smaller than normal crops. If someone has a crop that he doesn’t want to be affected, just set its chance to 0%.


i can imagine the confused hearthling makign stew now "but the instruction said 5 carrots. ONE carrot doesnt even fit in my pot :’) "


This looks good, do you plan on making this have an effect other than being cosmetic? For example that those big crops drop a bigger version of themselves, which has can be placed for decoration or consumed for extra food?

I want this to be as simple as possible (most for lazyness). I do not want to add new mechanics or changes to the game balance, most would not even be noticed by the player anyway as the class is a set and forget type.
And I like the fact that someone can try the mod and simple remove it at any time for any reason and the game will not error because there is no new entities or dependent code. (the giant crop would even stay giant after you remove the mod until being finally harvested)

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Maybe it would be of interest for ACE to build on it a bit. Since they already added checks to see if a field is next to water and change the growth rate, having a chance of big crops at good conditions and a higher chance at perfect condition would be quite nice.
Big crops could spawn 2 or 3 baskets when harvested.


i always thought that the Corn plant isnt big enough should be twice as tall