Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others


not to mention COVERING THE LAND IN A SEA OF BERRIES. it is indeed best used sparingly, for brightbells and such :stuck_out_tongue:


pawel - little question it is possible to set an hotkey?


Yup, it is entirely doable. Shift + H opens harvest menu, H tasks harvest on an object, I would go for Alt + H or Ctrl + Shift + H.


Hey man hope everything is good just wondering if it’s possible to see your mods on the Steam Workshop in the future. Love your windows from Lostems Mod :slight_smile:


Everything is good, it’s just I’m extremely busy for the next month or so, besides I decided to slow down on SH modding because the changes devs make to the game at this point are rather rapid. I’ll get going a bit more intensively when the new builder is more or less functional.

The plan is to release all my mods on Steam eventually. The thing is SW is not a good place to receive bug reports so mods will always appear here first and will be uploaded to Workshop with certain delay so I can get some feedback and fix issues before flooding Steam with zillions of bugfix-only sub-releases.


Things slowed down a bit so I decided to write a small report for everyone interested in my mods.

LostEms: the last beta added some Mason’s items I considered lost so they will be dropped from the mod. The items based on them (latticed stone windows and comfy stone furniture) will get new models to fit the vanilla ones.

Archmod: since the first beta fixture columns are a technical possibility what means modular columns and other architectonic decorations can be properly built by Hearthlings. Things I’m working on are of course new objects, but also a way to organise the Archmod stuff in the builder object panel so they aren’t mixed randomly into the window panel. Sadly, the entablature decorations I’ve shown on screenshots will have to be reduced because there is no way to implement a working corner piece.

Autoharvest: this will need some love as it wasn’t prepared for multiplayer. While it seems to perform rather correctly it will need a total rework at some point.

Biome Crops: I need to look into the farming service because I have a strange feeling multiplayer had to force some changes to it and I don’t want to break anything. This however seems to be rather low-priority. Nope, everything remains just like it was, so mod is up to date for r866.

I was also thinking about slightly re-purposing the detailed flowers mod. Instead of just making the models more detailed I could rework the ones I’m a bit cross with (the flower cacti, brrr!) my own, more detailed inventions. What do you think?


So, as some of you may have seen in the latest beta’s (r868) thread, I have made some progress implementing the first part of the mod: architectonic elements of the Hellenic Antiquity following the treatise of Vitruvius: columns and entablatures in three main orders (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian). Sadly, not everything seems to be handled properly by the game yet, but as long as there are slabs connecting part of a building to the ground everything works properly. This means a colonnade-based construction like below isn’t functional yet.

The next logical step to take are the 16th century derivatives of the style developed by Andrea Palladio. This includes doors, windows, pediments, pilasters, arches and more strict Tuscan order elements.

There are some crucial decisions to make and I need feedback. First of all: colours. As of now Archmod objects use their own ivory-like palette which doesn’t follow any vanilla slab colour set. I’m not sure if it is a good idea because this way Archmod entities never completely suit a vanilla object in terms of colour palette. Would you like it to stay like that or should I switch to some vanilla colours? If so, which ones?

Another thing is the inclusion of engaged columns. Initially I planned adding them but while making the mod I changed sizes of most objects significantly and as of now, with 1x1x1 column segment it doesn’t really make a visual difference if a column is partially inset or not. As it means less work I don’t think I’ll ever make engaged columns but if you have an argument against that decision please share it here!

Next case: pediments and diagonal/angled lines. The two possible approaches to making a triangle pediment are making a voxel line or using animation. I honestly have no idea which approach to take because going for animation means there will never be compatibility between voxel slab and entity lines, on the other hand animated triangles look much, much better.

The last matter are roofs. Voxel slab roofs are ridiculously simple compared to Archmod architectonic decorations but as of now there is no way to properly handle outer and inner corners of a potential roof tile entity so I have no idea what could be done here.


Because of the somewhat sad event of the official release my mod development is halted until 1.0 comes out. This is because I have a feeling we’ll face some turbulent changes and additions at the unstable branch in upcoming three weeks and I don’t want to mod something I’ll have to redo or drop few betas later. Everything will go back on track right after the release.

This means Autoharvest and LostEms will NOT be compatible with any more beta versions.


Hey, did you see this: Small code change suggestion within ResourceCallHandler:harvest_entity()
As far as I remember you used that function too, right? We will not need to override that anymore. :wink:


How nice, this is indeed one monkeypatch less to do in Autoharvest mod. I know we can override Lua files now, but I rarely need to overwrite a whole file, I just need to alter a function or two so monkeypatching is still a better option.

I am still lacking quite a bit when it comes to AI and GUI modding skills, I believe it is possible to write autoharvest in a less performance heavy way by using AI scripting but I simply don’t know where to start.


Just a heads up, the Lost’Ems mod has a few items now that are in-game (stone beds/doors/windows, short fence pieces). Sounds like a fairly quick and simple, not to mention possibly final, fix for probably the most vanilla friendly mod in SH.

Or, if you don’t have the time, I’d be more than willing to help if I have permission (and a pointer in the right direction on how to do it).


Thanks for your offer, but the fix is in the making now. Expect an update soon.


OK, so a few things as we have 1.0 now so I am back to modding.

Today I will update some of the mods. LostEms and Autoharvest will be updated for 1.0 and uploaded to Steam, Biome Crops will also appear on Steam.

I am not quite satisfied with Archmod progress. Because anti-aliasing doesn’t work as well as it could, very detailed entities look rather horrible from distance. I don’t quite know what do to, I was considering scaling things up so they are really monumental (would actually make sense, right now a column is twice as narrow as a ling, should be about the same width) and I don’t have to give up the details but this means things get SOMEWHAT BIG.

I proposed an idea of NPC bases in a separate thread and after some consideration came to conclusion I’d be happy to try modding them in. Getting one base to work would be a milestone, from then on adding new ones should be a formality.

And a question to all of you. As this thread got quite messy over time because of the alphas and betas changing stuff I think making a new modding corner for 1.0 and closing/deleting this one is an idea to consider. So I’ll launch a poll:

  • keep posting things in the current thread
  • create new modding corner for 1.0 and close this one

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Ide love to see you extend the amberstone quest line and have them set up a settlement near by. seems like it would fit with you npc settlements idea for sure.


100% doable if I implement the NPC bases as landmarks. A reward item would be Amberstone Foundation Act or something named like it which spawns Clan Amberstone village landmark.


if yo uwant to stick an entire
village in one .qb, thats going to be one, fat, fat file :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t quite know how to do it yet. They cannot be buildings: what if someone decided to steal furniture or decorations from NPC base?

I don’t yet know if I want to have variable designs for the bases themselves. I’m almost sure they ought to be spawned as landmarks so one can easily spawn them during world generation. This means the environment like plants can be variable but the base itself should remain a single entity so it is easy to detect if it was attacked by someone. I certainly don’t want to create a resource hog mod like I did with the Autoharvest.

I was considering spawning the bases via a campaign node so they don’t appear in the starting area, but after some consideration I think it would actually make an interesting start if you settled next to an NPC base. One could prioritise the base quest over the campaign so they can reap the benefits earlier (and fight the Titan together!).

Think of the bases as of optional campaigns which have a quest loop at the end.

I haven’t tried modding the GUI yet. Is there any useful tutorial on the matter? I think I could seriously expand the possibilities of the mod if there was a dedicated NPC base window.


Does anyone know the camera and lighting settings for making window portraits in Qubicle?


what, like the icon you see when your crafter has to make it?
open up the window in qubicle, DONT FIDGET WITH THE CAMERA(the default view is the right one), go to render, move the box centerd on your window, and only zoom in/out as needed, render?


Not really, window icons use different angle.