Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others


Oh I just checked one from rayas and that one seemed to be that exact angle when I opened it in the editor. Which window are we talking about here?


I meant the wooden windows.

EDIT: so I made myself a GeoGebra sheet (it wsa truly PITA because axes orientations in GeoGebra and Qubicle are different) and I can confirm that for the window icons camera settings are elevation 20.24 and azimuth 34.76.


Perhaps a two-stage summon? Landmarks already have a “this block gives a 30% chance to spawn this item in its place” sort of feature, so you could have a “base” landmark which spawns a road-map for the village and then each house could be its own landmark (with its own summon stone); each location spawns a summon stone chosen from a (weighted) list, or possibly a dummy item which “grows” (changes with time, like trees) into the summon stone. That way your villages turn out different each time, with some rarer buildings and a built-in story based on the buildings present (e.g. one might be a farming village while another might spawn with more workshops than usual.)


Not an option. Base must be a single entity, otherwise it will end up a resource hog when it comes to defending it if a player attacks it.


Actually you misunderstand him pawel, landmarks spawn as minable blocks: they aren’t attackable (well unless you spawn bunnies)

And the idea is actually quite smart, it’d be a model one pixel high and very bloody wide with just a dot here and there to signify ‘spawn another landmark here’


I think you misunderstood everyone. Landmark can have entities specified to be placed so one of these would be a base entity. Bases would be entities, but they would be spawned as parts of dedicated landmarks. Base would not consist of terrain blocks (it has to have its own HP bar).


Ah like that, yeah most landmarks don’t do that so I did not assume you would want it like that :’)


This is the only way I know to spawn an entity with variable surroundings and somewhat controlled terrain around it.


What I imagined was a mix of terrain blocks and entities – raised terrain roads and walls as well as any terrain features you want to include to form the “road map”, but the houses would be entities just like the goblin tents. However, each house location can be slightly more complicated than just placing a house if you use the secondary summon stones – e.g. you can have the same house with different garden layouts, or have a generic “workshop” building (really just an entity) as the core of a few similar summon stones but change the resources around it to indicate e.g. a mason or blacksmith or so on.

It shouldn’t be a resource hog if the player wants to attack a village made up this way, since the AI won’t intelligently defend the buildings – just like with the goblin camps, if you attack it then any guards will rush to meet you head-on and defend their homes. By using the roadmap idea, you can control points of access so that the AI inhabitants have a better chance to defend themselves from a hostile player. The only time I can see it being a resource hog is during the spawning process, and by having the village spawn in stages that should actually reduce the CPU load since the landmarks are less complicated than trying to drop a full one in at once.


Lost’Ems is now on steam, and it’s great!

I’ve noticed that tablecloth covered tables seem to be missing though. Are these Lost’ems truly lost forever or have they just not been updated yet?


I haven’t yet decided what to do with them. One voice in my head tells me they are too novel and should be removed, another one yells at me GO FIX THEM YOU LAZY PERFECTIONIST!

Meanwhile the mod needs to add something else: missing flower boxes. I’m not sure if it wouldn’t be wiser to move all floral decorations to the Herbalist (this means all planters go from Carpenter/Potter to the Herbalist) but this is somewhat against the idea of not reinventing things.


I would say yes, give the herbalist some morethings to do. He is very abandoned.
And please, bring the tablecloths back :slight_smile:

Have fun, kyth


I vote yes to the tablecloths, and no to the Herbalist. The main reason being it would break all the blueprints using carpenter flower boxes (I think?)

On new additions, there’s also an iron candle holder that can be spawned in via debug tools, but can’t be crafted. It looks like it fits with the craftsman/faith lanterns so maybe implement that? The model is already made. And what about ornate curtains?


That is a valid point, if I ever decide to move recipes around it will have to be a separate mod.


Sometimes I surprise myself. Like today, when my Lings managed to build this arcade without a single complaint.

(I noticed the Doric entablature needs a fix after taking this screenshot).

The real question is what to do with the crafting. As one can replace walls entirely with Archmod entities (frankly, that’s their core purpose), they should cost at least the same as the number of voxels they replace. They are made from stucco which is crafted from clay and stone and the recipe yields multiple pieces of stucco so this can be averaged easily. The real cost is the crafting time: to get a palace in a reasonable time, one needs like 3 Masons.

Well, shouldn’t I reintroduce the abandoned Architect class? I mean, this stuff looks like level 15 mason, and if I limit it to level 5 or 6 one would have to craft tons of useless basic stuff to get to the Archmod stuff. A promotion from level 2 or 3 Mason to an Architect (or maybe Freemason?) would prevent that.


Man I need this mod in my life, I wanna make a roman palace. :smiley:


Good news is I’m planning a release later this week, basic classical set is almost complete.

EDIT: more like next week, I didn’t quite realise how bad my situation at the laboratory is.


What happened?


Nothing to worry about. But, er, if you see someone shambling around outside with kind of a leafy looking head? Lock the doors and turn down the tv. It’s fine! It’s fine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just realised some things will require much more attention than I assumed, what will effectively reduce my summer break to last two weeks of September.