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Let us coordinate through steam from now on :stuck_out_tongue:

Update coming soon guys! sorry for the wait!

EDIT: Do you guys know which rig file the Entling uses?



SO, I’ve been really swamped lately with a job search. Not going too well. I’m gonna be doing renders more now, which I should be happy about. I’m gonna try to do some fun stuff, I’m doing a quick Ascendency Village first, followed by a few other renders which topics I’ve discussed earlier!

I’ve also had some recent ideas I plan to test out for mods. Recently I came up with alot of neat ideas and I want make have them in game! Gonna be experimenting with static animated objects like the Wall Crest, and simple animated objects.

Here’s a quick look at the render.


UPDATE: No one commented and I aint’ one to enjoy triple posts even if it’s a legit post! I’ve decided I’m going to make 2 renders in the same set! One will be the one I’m working on now, AND I’ll be making my christmas scene in the same set. People will move stuff will be removed and taken away so it wont look the exact same. Here’s an update:



Triple post (Sorry)!

SO, I’ve been busy. Qubicle is having issues again. Same as last time and I completely forgot how to fix it XD Nothing overly fancy yet but I’ll manage!

I keep looking at this render and can’t help but think of the RE Images from Kickstarter. I like that it does that :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the progress:

Things are coming to life! I’ll have as many people as I can fit in this image, want this to feel like a town :stuck_out_tongue: (More so than usual)


TOTALLY Forgot. We’re less than 1000 views from being the MOST VIEWED THREAD ON DISCOURSE!


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No one commented
[/quote]sorry! i was busy when you first made the post, and edits dont give notifs :disappointed:

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Triple post (Sorry)!
[/quote]no worry’s, i’m fine with it if its the thread creator posting actual “content” :wink:

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Here’s the progress:
[/quote]its looking good so far!


I hope you get your Qubicle to start cooperating. It must be really annoying.

The picture is showing a lot of potential, I can’t wait to see how it progresses.


I like the little wooden platform/staircase. I may have to steal that :smiley:


What’s the current record-holder? And good luck in passing it!




This is the final update till release which’ll most likely be this weekend on Monday. I’ve been going nose to the grindstone all day, making the best of what I have until I can remember what to get rid of to fix Qubicle. Here’s where I’m at:

It feels lived in now, I’m gonna have smoke coming out of the chimneys, people wandering. I’m trying to add a hint of realism in, the middle is a stockpile. Stockpiles in game can’t be placed on trees but eh oh well. I made a few things look better like the logs and ladders cause irl you cant get raw materials back. Flowers, park benchs and such added in.

I think regardless of how much I’ve changed the formula, it still looks a feels like Stonehearth. To be honest… IT BLOWS MY MIND!

HELP WANTED! SO in the last update the water got a animation for when a waterfall is made, if someone could get me an image of the animated waterfall, would be nice :slight_smile: Want to try to do that for this render too.

Feel free. I like how it looks more than digging into the cliff faces. [quote=“TurtleSquish, post:1148, topic:5176”]
I hope you get your Qubicle to start cooperating. It must be really annoying.
It’s an easy fix, I just gotta remember what type of file needs to be removed.

That’s all I got for right now! I’m gonna get back to work. I’ll see you guys in chat for the Dev Stream tonight!


what exactly do you mean? just a picture of what it looks like in-game?


Yeah, my computer can’t handle the game so I dont know what they did. Just the patchnotes said they got an animation


alright, back in a jiffy!


PM it to me please :slight_smile: Thanks



Finished the latest Render. It’ll be released to Patreons tomorrow at around 4pm EST! Keep an eye out. That means public will see it Tuesday at 4pm EST.

Some neat stuff has happened the weekend. I am now a PS3 owner. Gonna be playing games on that for awhile till I can pick up a PS4 or upgrade my PC (PC being more likely).

Gonna be doing a People With Swords story render! So keep an eye out for that. There are talks of linking future mods into the story so fun times! In a few weeks, I’m hoping to purchase a new Graphics Tablet, gonna be doing some livstreams asap of my learning Digital workflow and render stuff.

Have some new plans for Youtube and Twitch for the new year. Including some creative series as well as some game playing, including my favorites like Halo, Modnation Racers, LittleBigPlanet and Minecraft along with other neat things! Doing some concept doodles for a logo design, it’s nice to have the “Pandemic Knight” as you guys have taken to calling him as a mascot but I will need something original.

Let me know what you guys think! I know I’ve said a few of these things before but I feel much much awesome coming on.


@Pandemic Sounds really neat. I’m excited for the livestreams you mentioned. I love art livestreams <3


There will be a delay on the render :confused: Some of the models have the voxel lines showing up. Won’t be released till it is fixed


Hi Pandemic, would you be interested in doing a 2d pixel art ship for the game i was working on? i ask just out of interest really as my programmer art is very limited but it’d be interesting to test out an idea of yours :smile:



Nihonjin just got a status update! We’ve been working on it really hard and hoping you guys will enjoy the new ways we’re going on certain things, If you haven’t seen it yet check it out here:

So, the Kingdom image will be made to match the lighting of the others, once it’s done I’ll remove the Nihonjin villagers and supply the .blend file to the community. That way you guys can make the image and not spend 4 days learning how to do it.

I do have new ideas for Furniture Expansion Plus! I’m planning out 3 more sets for it, such as a Dungeon/Castle Set, which will have Iron Bar Doors and Windows, hanging prison beds and other fun things! With the floor/wall tiles being out there are MANY more things I can do with the game :smile:

For a general update, I just got a new job that i’m lovin and doing well in. I narrowed my PC build down have some ideas for things I’ll be doing in the future. Right now I’m really hoping it works out, and i’m working harder to make it so.

Renders will be slowing down (as seen as of late) because I work 8 hour days doing alot of heavy lifting and I’m just too tired to do render stuff, so I’ll be relegating render stuff to the weekend. Sticking with the 3D design topic, I’m going to be switching to Maya once I get the new PC. Blender is great, but Maya is just a lot more relevant for what I want to do in the future.

Once again, nothing stops. Gears are always grinding in my mind for things to add to FEP and Nihonjin. Got some neat ideas for renders. In the process of fixing the latest one, hopefully you’ll see it soon :slight_smile:


Congrats on your new job! Looking forward to your mods.

I’ll agree maya is a great step up from blender, and is a great product regardless. But have you considered 3DS Max instead? I’ve always enjoyed it more.


I did consider 3DS Max. Though what was my tipping point is the fact the Maya atm is more wider used in a professional environment. I already know 3DS Max and Blender, and learning Maya is just one more program to add to the list.

I have contacted a lot of animators and a majority of them say Maya is the best for it, and I really want People with Swords to be more than just a idea. As I’ve said before, it suits the needs I have now and preps me for future projects :smile:

Qubicle Modelling: