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How to use this 3Dmax plugin?

I don’t understand.


The programs I use for the posing and scene creation are mostly free. I don’t use 3DS Max now, but I do have experience with it. Currently I use blender with the Materials Cycles and Voxel Pirates Animation Plugin for Blender. If I do end up going back to 3DS Max I’ll most likely use that plugin though.


So, It’s been awhile since I gave your eyes something pretty to look at so I decided for a mutual release!

This one gave me some rendering issues. The infamous export Qubicle lines appeared and vanished. Took me a bit to find the cause but I did! This render took 8 hours to render. Yeah, talk about an improvement!

This one is actually based on one of my early alpha towns. Of course water and bridges and the other items I just throw in there, but the general idea is there :stuck_out_tongue: One of the bigger ideas I wanted to try was to make stockpiles more realistic, you can’t tear a ladder down and revert it to logs so I wanted to show that. In my opinion I think it works.

Let me know what you think! Anything you’d like the see in the future? Leave a comment :slight_smile:

For now I’m being summoned by my spouses folks to decorate a christmas tree… it’s gonna be a fun day!

PS: Christmas Render may happen, not 100% sure if I have time :confused:


Blender I use is not used to, is not very convenient, only is my feeling. Do you use blender to make a make pictures of the tutorial?

You make the picture film is very good-looking, I like it so much. Christmas is coming, I am looking forward to the Christmas tree!!! And, of course, Santa Claus!


I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but the devs made your thief/goblin picture the thumbnail for the Fan Media Category :smiley:


@TurtleSquish, with permission!



We are now the most viewed thread on discourse… feels weird. Never thought I’d get this high at all, just goes to show hardwork and determination will yield results :smile:

Now there are a few things coming up!

Firstly, My 1 first render is almost a year old… yikes. It’s been awhile. So I’ve decided to go back to my roots and revamp the very first render I ever made in my current level and style. Most likely I’ll make it a larger graveyard with other undead and creatures lingering in the night :slight_smile: The same pose will be used of course, just updated techniques and revamping generally!

Secondly, I’ve ordered my first PC part! Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 TI Superclocked 2GB GPU! I know it’s a little low but it’s just a starter, it’ll get streaming and recording started :slight_smile: Hopefully it’ll be starting soon :smiley:

Third, I dont have the time for the Xmas render :confused: Sorry guys but it wont be happening.

Lastly! What would you like to see me do in the New Year! Give me some topics and suggestions for FEP, Nihonjin (Of course these will be filtered through @Avairian and @Hyrule_Symbol [Welcome to the team!] ) and Renders! I wanna hear form you guys, hopefully I can make the first render of 2016 a community suggestion! I still do have the desert village and Nihonjin Render (since the last one fried). Feel free to leave a suggestion!

With that, I bid you happy Holidays! I’ll hopefuly be around up till New Years but idk how often :slight_smile: See you on the other side!

PS: Suggestions can be video or livestream ideas/topics. I do plan on getting back up and running soon, so they are on the table!


Sorry to hear that :frowning:


[grabs pencil]

Well… That means i’ll have to be the one for this year!

A community like this deserves a Christmas/Holiday artwork!


Holiday artwork! Let us not forget about every one else!



Working on the Graveyard Attempt #… 7? I think so. Yeah, 7. Not having too many issues, deciding to be a little cute with this one! Here’s a early WIP:

Wanting to mess with bridges that arent wooden. Really like this one though, didn’t take long either :smiley:

I plan to have Wisps, Zombies, Skeletons, and hopefully (really strong hopefully) a Necromancer. Idk how much I can fit but this place will be in disrepair and damage.


that poor door, if the necromancer is there he should send a skeleton to fix it so that the property value goes back up



So, My internet has been shut off. So updates wont be happening until the new year since they are refusing to turn it on.

Continuing on the Graveyard as well as a few others, testing some new ideas. Sadly I don’t have a new image for you guys :confused:

But in all likely hood the new year will see an immediate release!


sorry to hear that! Glad you’re enjoying the new job and learning Maya - if it’s of any help/motivates you to continue, it’s what is widely used in the film animation industry (at least it’s what my friends use). Probably won’t visit here for another few weeks (until I get a computer with a working “s” key), but I hope you enjoy the new PC in all its glory. We’re looking forward to seeing these renders next year!



So apparently even when I have a decent idea for a graveyard, I hate it. So for the umpteenth time I am bailing on the graveyard. Though I am still doing the Revamp of Render #1!

For now enjoy this very early RA Render WIP Shot

Look! A bow! Details, posing and angry law guys coming!


Are the angry law guys going to be moderators?
Not that the moderators are angry, mind you, but they are law guys
[size=4] Please don’t ban me [/size]


I think the better question is what is the law in the desert :stuck_out_tongue:


@Steveadamo mainly. @8BitCrab guards the coastlines, and so on.


you have no idea how close you were to getting a Stallone as Judge Dredd pic in response to this question… :wink:


@pandemic if its ok with you i would like to upload your furniture_expansion_plus on github and change them to i18n and make it multilingual?



So, its the new year! Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you guys were safe and had fun, I did!

I’ve been looking back the past few months and noticing the 1 render a month has really been a stopping point for me. Which imo fits well, so I’m gonna keep going with that aka nothing changes but how I do stuff but hey better to say something. So expect alot more details and such from renders! My goal is to release on the 15th of every month. Which gives me more time to work on Nihonjin Updates and FEP Assets!

So the Desert render will be moved to next month because I just REALLY want to do a Golem VS Render. I’ve done a little bit. Got the base done, lighting and details will be going through the month. Here’s a image to show you whats up!


awesome looking so far! i love the way you did the wall with slopes, rather then just the plain old straight blockyness, it adds a “breath of fresh air” to the render!