Overwrite saved game doesn't update screenshot

I’m playing the latest build (new 64-bit version on Steam) and I just saved my game by overwriting a save from a few days earlier. The save appears to have been successful, however the screenshot for the save hasn’t updated from the old save. I checked the screenshot.png in the save folder and it is the correct new screenshot, however the one in game is not correct.

Loading a game seems to have fixed the issue.

hey there @Tasrayryn … im assuming you are running the latest dev build?

either way, I would likely chalk this up to “mixing save games among alpha clients”… I wager even the screenshots are susceptible?

can you confirm that creating a save game with the current client, and overwriting that game does work?

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I should point out that I meant a few IN GAME days earlier. Sorry for the confusion there. So both saves were made in the latest build. I’ll test again when I get the chance and let you know if I can repeat it.

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Ok, can confirm that in version 2137 I could replicate the bug. I got rid of all my old saves, started a new game and saved on day 1. I then made a new save on day 2, so at that point I had 2 new saves. Then I forgot I was testing this and kept playing till the evening of day 5, at which point I overwrote the day 1 save. It updated the info and the save appears to have been successful, but the screenshot is still the screenshot from the day 1 save. Loading the game works as normal and fixes the screenshot.