Alpha 4 save file GONE? And crashing./quit to main menu doesnt work

Hello, just got this game and started building a nice sized civilization when the game randomly crashes a bunch. So i let be for a few hours and come back to find that when i try to save my game, the save option comes up however nothing actually happens. and i have to start a new game everytime.

Created a new game for this post.

Trying to save 30 seconds in:

Nothing happens when clicking new save, but do get the overwrite option.:

still nothing happens.

also quitting to main menu does nothing.

and now back to the beginning, there isnt even an option to load or continue my new game.:

Yeah, I’ve had this a time or two myself. Corrupt saves are corrupt, is my best guess (note: I still have various files in my saves folder, just nothing in-game - is this the same for you?). Hopefully it’ll be fixed in Alpha 5 though.

It never has :smiley: .

depending on the number of saves you have, you can (sometimes) sequentially delete the most recent game(s) until you work back to a pre-corrupt version…

oh, and welcome aboard @Rand0mH0b0! :smile:

Ive also tried un and reinstalling to no avail

also where would i even find the save file/ fix this problem?

Should be something like:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

Or alternatively, right-click on Stonehearth in Steam, go to Properties, then the Local Files tab. Click Browse Local Files to open the main SH folder :slight_smile: .

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sweeeeeet thanks

why 20 character replied >.<

So I dont know how to make the game save, as the buttons dont work now, and not sure if im supposed to be in release 122?

Sorry for the newb questions, Im new

When you launch the game, on the main menu there should be the release written somewhere in little (I don’t remember if it was at the bottom of the screen), or you can click a button that says patch log if it isn’t visible, and there is written in bigger what alpha, build and release you’re playing.

Bottom-left corner of the SH main menu:

“Show Patch Notes
Stonehearth 0.1.0 (release 130)”

That’s what you want ideally. If you’re using an earlier release, again go to the game in Steam, click properties, then Betas, and select the latest build option. Not sure if you’ll have to restart Steam so it takes note that you’ve updated this setting, but it’ll result in you always having the latest version of the alpha :slight_smile: .

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Thankyou guys so much! :smiley:

However as soon as i click continue the game instantly crashes once the loading bar fills, do i have to satart a new game?

yes sir… whenever we have an updated client, it’s always best to start with a new game (unless otherwise instructed by the developers)…

Thankya sir!
im new to the game having trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, is there a way to break down or make stairs on a hill yet?

not without using some “inventive” building designs… :wink:

nothing specifically in the game just yet though…

ehh been good for a while, but now i just click continue and instantly get a crahs with a windows warning saying the game stopped and the only dialogue is “Result”