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hi little question -

im the only one wo can´t make screenshots with the new x64 build 2143?

@steve i dont know if this is a bug at the moment or if i have killed something xD

Just updated latest build, started a new game (the joys of updates vs. saves, not complaining I know it’s alpha) and I can take screenshots but I use the Steam screenshot F12.

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thanks for the confirmation (that this still works)… this is also the only method that I am aware of… :smile:

@Wiese2007, can you let us know if this is how you are trying to capture screenshots? given the title, I imagine so… but just to confirm… :wink:

Same - latest x64 version is working fine with this for me.

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it try it the normal way via steam f12 ^^

so it seams like its my prob - reinstall im coming! xD

edit: reinstall doesnt help - i think the overlay doesnt work anymore (but it means its still active … hmmm xD - perhaps i must reinstall steam xD)

edit2: jup liegt am overlay … will nur net mehr bei stonehearth starten?

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If you have Win 8, 8.1 (know idea about 7)

Windows key+Print screen key will snapshot your screen and put it into your pictures folder.
If you have a Function key on your keyboard its Windows key+Function key+Print screen.
It might work for win7 but not for sure.
^^-- Not my idea but it worked for me :slight_smile:
My steam overlay doesn’t work either.

look in the main settings if you have activate it and in the gamesettings from steam ^^

AND IT WORKS NOW - i deleted all expect from the steam.exe and the steamapps folder - it reinstall all and now it works …

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Cool will give it a try TY :slight_smile:
Edit: yay it works again sweet!

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Tried to screenshot some curious graphical bugs yesterday, and F12 (Steam screenshot) made the game unceremoniously crash. I’d previously been able to bring up and close the Steam overlay, but trying to screenshot was apparently too much. Will check later if it’s something that happens every time or if that particular session was just special. :wink:

i have the same sometimes ^^ thats an issue with the overlay … (if you check the steamforum - there are lots of complete crashing bugs -.-) ^^ so perhaps it would be an idea to integrate an own screenshotsystem later

for all - there is another easyway Frapse - with the free version you can make easy Ingamescreenshots and later convert them in the correct form - or you buy it (but i think thats only needed when you want to make long Ingamevideos)

I always hit the print screen button, the regular one on your keyboard, and then paste in paint so i can cut out the part i want and then save it

this is always a great fallback! :+1:

the downside being you can only have one image copied to the clipboard at a time…

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