Screenshot hotkey

is the screenshot key not working?

its working for me. if you still have it on F12 check that F-lock is turned on.

I dont have F-lock, but tested on another steam game it works, but not working on stonehearth

[quote=“micheal_handy76_mh, post:3, topic:10866”]
dont have F-lock,
[/quote]you don’t have F-lock on your keyboard?

[quote=“micheal_handy76_mh, post:3, topic:10866”]
but tested on another steam game it works, but not working on stonehearth
[/quote]huh thats strange, its working perfectly fine for me.

yeah i dont have a key called F-lock

hmmm… its usually a key beside the F# keys.

Yeah no F12 working for steam on stonehearth, i tried 3 other games and it works fine for them, but can not make screenshots

Edit: also the game is working outside of steam???

Edit2: Even when steam is up it not connecting through Steam, can not even shift tab, meaning no F-12

The way I got it to work was to play in windowed mode, do a printscreen and paste it into photoshop.

I always play outside of steam :wink:
It prevents me from updating without noticing (because I like to make a copy of each previous game before updating, for the remote case that the new release makes my laptop explode).

I don’t really have an F-Lock key but I have a ‘Fn’ key somewhere in the keyboard. You could always follow @Communistpenguin suggestion.

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aha, that’s one of the other names for it.

Dont have a Fn key :stuck_out_tongue:

well i recently discovered there are a lot of different names for it…

No i discovered the problem. Its not connecting through steam, it on my steam it updates in steam, but when i run the game from the sesktop icon, or through steam, it run on it own, w/o steam link. Just annoying on a few features. i just have to take extra steps to screenshot now thats all

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well i guess its good you found out the problem…

I’m trying to see if i can fix the problem, they didnt include steam files ie: steam_api.dll or steam_api64.dll

whaaa…? you lost me on this part :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry those are file to games on steam, stone does not have 1 file but a .txt file for their number id

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still kinda lost :stuck_out_tongue: but i think i understand.