How to take screenshots of stonehearth

I am using the steam version of stonehearth, and I was wondering how to take screenshots? Prt Sc doesn’t work.

press f12 steam has the feature included


Well that wraps that one up nicely!

Where do I find the screenshots afterwards? Are they in a folder, or in the clipboard?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata<your user id>\760\remote\42170\screenshots

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if you aren’t using the steam version you can hit the “print screen” button and then paste the image into a few image programs including Paint, this will leave the border present if you are not in full screen at the time but its still good.

my bad forgot this part

Right-click on the game in the Steam list, and click “View Screenshots”. Then, click “Show on Disk” to open the directory where your screenshots are held:


thanks @Nestlebar! i knew about the Steam function, but wasnt aware of the screenshot location…

good to know! :+1:

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This is short and quick, how do I take a screenshot in Stonehearth?

If you’re using the Steam version, the hotkey is configurable to whatever. (For me, it’s F10; no clue what it is by default, but probably one of the F# keys.)

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thank you for the help

I used shadow play, then mpc-hs to take a clip shot. clicked the up-load icon (yeah a bit convoluted), my steam screen shot hates me :slight_smile:

If you’re using windows 8+ press the windows logo key and print screen key. It will create a folder in your pictures folder called screenshots and place it there.