Screenshot Software

Maybe someone can help me.

Im searching for a while a good Software to easily export Screenshots from the Game to the Windows Desktop. Like the Shortcut (cmd + shift + 4) on Mac.

But it’s not easy to find a software that does the same process for Windows PC. Someone have a solution for this?

Ahh and maybe without paying an absurd high price :wink:


Two options typically built into Windows:

  1. Print screen and paste into Paint or other image editing program
    1a. Press the button on your keyboard labeled “print screen” or "PrtScn"
    1b. Open Paint (from start menu, typically)
    1c. Paste by either the Edit menu -> Paste or press Ctrl-V
    1d. Save
  2. Snipping Tool
    2a. Open Snipping Tool (from start menu or search for “snipping tool” on your computer)
    2b. Click "New"
    2c. Select the area of screen you want to take as a screen shot
    2d. Save

I hope that helps!

p.s. both of the above options are totally free and don’t require any downloads or installations.


I’ve searched for an ideal screenshot program for years. ShareX isn’t ideal but it’s the closest thing I could find. The only drawback is that it sometimes slowpokes with responding to commands, so it may not be the best for shooters (although it may be my PC).
Oh, and it’s free.

Unfortunately this both built in solutions doesn’t work very efficent.

Maybe i use the snipping tool wrong but always when i want to take a Screenshot it goes back to the main screen and takes one of them (Game in Fullscreen Mode)

I found something really interesting in the Blog. Someone knows if this still works in the last Alpha? @8BitCrab maybe? xD

I’m not sure if the Snipping Tool is able to capture stuff that’s running through a DirectX pipeline. I know it cannot capture stuff from a video player, for example. You need something that can actually capture individual video frames for that.

However, there’s an even easier method than the PrintScreen + Paint variant, l because Stonehearth is a Steam game. And Steam can take screenshots.

While ingame, press the Steam screenshot key. (Mine is F12, but I’m not sure if that’s default or if I’ve remapped it.) You can take as many screenshots as you like while the game is running.

Later, after you quit the game, Steam will pop up into your face going “hey, you took these screenshots, wanna upload them to your Steam pofile?” But in that window is also a “show on disk” button, or something to that effect. Press it, and you get a file explorer window where all your screenshots are waiting for you! No need to fudge with Paint. :slight_smile:

However, that folder is a temporary one, so better copy them somewhere else. After that, you can tell the Steam client to “delete all” if you don’t want to upload the screenshots to your profile.


Ohh thats really useful! Thank you! :smiley:

I don’t know that Steam has this integrated option. Will try this out tonight!

Hey. Have you looked in your stonehearth hard drive directory? I have noticed, that when I use the print screen button on my keyboard, it saves a s. shot in that directory under Screenshots folder.

Really? no, i have to try it out tonight.

I just use the F12 button as mentioned by @Streetwind. And if i remember correctly its the alt-z that hides the ui :slight_smile:


Guys, just press the print key, and go to your stonehearth directory, there will be a folder called screenshots.
:white_check_mark: Done.


If your using steam another option is F12 and it is available from the ingame interface.