Steam Screenshot F12 Issue

The screenshot button that was default for me on Steam is F12. I’m not sure if this is the same for everyone. It is also the button for a rather odd, yet cool, green box mode on Stonehearth. Would be nice to be able to either have the button remapped for now or allow us to remap the controls ourselves :smiley:.

That being said yes it make have issues but the Alpha only fills me with hope that the final game will be as awesome as I had hoped during the Kickstarter campaign!

P.S. if this is in the wrong category don’t shoot me plz :stuck_out_tongue:

This is green box mode you talk about is one of the may debug modes of Alpha 1, to change this you can remap your steam screenshot button by hitting Shift-Tab and changing the setting from in there somewhere

Finally you may want to report the bug here

i know its laziness on my part having come accustomed to pressing f12 for the screenshot just thought i should mentioned that if it is default for everyone then there is a button mapping crossover

Look at my little Village!

negative 26 wood… and crashed when I tried to build a building… But Game is Rocking!!!

I think this may have been posted in the wrong place, you may want to repost it here where other people can admire it or here and finally either way you should probably report the bug over here, thanks for sharing with us

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