[Con] Brown Box - Covering Bottom Left

When playing Stonehearth, latest, steam - windowed mode: I get a box over top bottom left side that covers other menu items behind it. Any thoughts on what causes this? It does not happen initially just after exploring some menu items etc.

hey there @jcunix… any chance you can post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

See attached


thanks for the screenshot… certainly helps explain what you’re seeing! :smiley:

can you consistently “explore some menu items” and reproduce the issue? what exactly are you selecting?

It’s completely random, be it the build menu, carpentry menu etc. absolutely no rhyme or reason-I wish there were. I hate to be so vague but I’ve got nothing. It’s not popping up error dialog boxes or anything to that affect.

It’s like the data that typically sits in front of that background is being placed behind.

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I can confirm this issue.
Yes - it happens randomly
and Yes - save-then-load temporary fixes it. (at least to reappear of the bug). In my plays this is the main reason why I am saving. xD

Yep, I’m in the same boat @Phoriist. This kind of bug and building problems have been my causes for saving/loading quite often.

ok, thanks for the feedback folks! its been changed to an active bug report and marked confirmed… :+1:

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I remember talking about this with @Phagocytosis in another topic.
Thanks for confirming. :+1:

Can confirm it also… but in my case the box only covers part of the tool tips / info box which is “behind it” and this does not happen every time.

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