Save Game Error

Got the following issue when saving, when this happens the game won’t save unless I do a reload. If I try to overwrite a save I believe it corrupts the save, although not 100% sure. Here is a screenshot…

which build do you use? you can see this on the startscreen left bottom ^^

Using the 64 bit 2137 development build. The save issue is much better but hasn’t gone away completely. Have the issue sometimes on startup.

try to set both exe via compatibility as admin - perhaps no right to write?

I don’t think it’s admin issues as I save regular with no problem, intermittent issue roughly every 5-6 saves.

This happens when you save the game, but don’t let the menu ‘refresh’. Once the pictures changes you can exit the menu.

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ahhhh i think i know what you mean - the long savetime ^^ once i tried to save and change to another task - because of this he did save a black screenshot and no game ^^ so at the moment you must wait until it have saved and you see an screenshot ^^

Not impatient and I wait with bated breath for the save data info to change, when it doesn’t normally see that a problem has occurred.