Over Lapping Screens

I don’t know if I’m the only one who really cares about this little niche in the game, but if you have the stats window and the promote window up they seem to do this terrible over lapping (as shown in the picture below). You may ask yourself " Why would I need to have both of these windows up." The answer is simple, kind of. Say you want to pick the best footman for the job, so you pick through every citizen you want to until you find the best stats. Then you go back to promote them and a screen now covers up your stats and name.

The real solution would be to simply have an area in the promote window where you can see the stats of each citizen and pick the best one, that’s my solution though, Anybody else seem to have the same problem though when finding a perfect suited citizen?


I wish you could drag the character sheet around, so you can still have them both up.

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I quite like your idea of embedding the character info on the promote screen.

You’re pretty much right there. The problem they have to solve is that the jobs that are available are determined by the hearthling you selected before you opened the window. In fact, you can open promotion windows for multiple different hearthlings at once, but you can’t see because they all overlap each other exactly.

Maybe something like this?