"Out of Date" mod error

I’ve always wanted to mod games and code’em myself, especially voxel. Well I finally made a test mod with relics and chairs but when I finally fix all of the errors with my code it says “out of date” mod - I’ve tried googling through to find a fix but I can’t find it (or I’m not googling hard enough)

GitHub - LoneCubed/Relic_Mod_Stonehearth: Stonehearth relic mod - Github link

The Version value in the manifest has to be 3
The version stands for the version of mod reading the game follows, not the mod itself, so the game has recieved two major changes that deemd was enough to break most mods, so the version went up twice, making lower values get assumed as ‘outdated’

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I understand, I changed the version in the manifest to 1 by mistake! Thank you so much :smiley: