Updating mod manifest A18+

Sup guys and gals. I’ve been somewhat distracted a little. Okay, a lot. Going all the way up from A16 to A19 is just… wow. I see the version in mod manifest files in new (effectively making many mods obsolete). As far as I know this means that the API saw some significant changes. Can anyone toss me in the right direction to refer to these changes and make my mods up-to-date? @8BitCrab, @Wiese2007, anyone?

PS. The searchie thing did nothing. I tried, really!

I’m not sure about where/what you should check, besides this: Important! Modding Changes, August 2016 – Stonehearth (the changes between v2 and v3)

At worst case, let them break, and check the errors, trying to fix them as you go.


Ooh. Many thanks!
There is a “Mods” section in game options now. If the mod is not ticked, it is not running, right? So I don’t need to move outdated mods away while I check them, just untick them.

This is one of the best features. I had almost 30 mods, and moving them in and out all the time was super hard, and risky (could lose them somehow)

The “activate/deactivate” function of Praise is not essential any more… I guess. If I am right, this thing does the same.

BTW (not really BTW, but I have a new-topic-phobia), are there any new/old mod repos I should be aware of?