Oh look, is that a Stonehearth update to 1.05 and r909? Why yes it is!



So the stable version now has support for job roles and material tags as array? Because I converted my whole archipelago mod to that format, but I couldn’t update it as it would bug for those without support for that.

By the way, congratulations to whoever is updating the modding guide. It is really good, and I can only imagine how long it took to gather all that info and format it all properly. If you guys want, feel free to use that translation tool I did. It is just html+js, so it should be easy to add into the guide, or shed


I wish to thank the devs for the new dependencies tag. It will really help to make compatibility patches :slight_smile:


Yes, now those changes are in both stable and unstable.

Thank you!! It’s mostly me, Angelo wrote the shaders page, and I ask devs when I’m not sure whether certain data is still used or not. Also used some of the excellent guides that were posted at Discourse (crediting their authors and linking to the thread) and add to them / update them as I see fit.

Hope it helps! They’re not on the stable branch, so they won’t do anything for players that use that version. But let us know how it goes. It doesn’t have much impact with mixintos (since those simply won’t be loaded if the dependency is not installed, and normally work well without the use of dependencies). Also hotloaded manifests are not affected by them, since they can only get loaded in a couple specific cases.

You can see in which order were the mods loaded by saving the game, and looking at the server_metadata.json file from the savefile (it’s the same list that appears when you try to load the savefile and there’s something different, the dialog that allows you to load with the saved mods or with your current configuration).


In the new update notes it says mods uploaded to steam will be automatically compressed into zip files for faster load times (yay! :blush:). Does this mean that the mod currently on the workshop gain this benefit or does everyone have to reupload? Or can we zip them ourselves?

You have to reupload it in order for it to be compressed.
The compression is done automatically within the game before uploading it, you don’t need to compress it manually.


Are you guys sure the stable version has the new material tags as arrays? I’m getting bug reports from people using the v908 related to that. I’m switching to the stable to test it out myself, but it will take more than 30 minutes until it downloads…

:thinking: That’s strange, let me double check. Perhaps I was wrong. The unstable has some things that the stable doesn’t have, like the dependencies stuff, but the tags as array is an old change…

Edit: it should have them, yes. Can you post a sample error?

I saw one at Steam. Did you change any other material tags to arrays, besides the fish mixin?

Well… I changed them all. I used this Is there any software that can search using regex in multiple files and replace text in them? : regex to automate the process and update all items. Everything is using arrays.
(Though I just reverted the mod back one version in the steam to avoid bugging the players)

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It doesn’t make sense that the users only reported 4 errors, if you changed everything, they would have gotten more.

I managed to load the big fish with the material tags as array in the mixin without errors on r908.

Make sure that the files that are using mixins with the arrays do not have already a material tags string, that would be like trying to mixinto an array into a string without doing mixintypes override, the game won’t like it. :thinking:

Yep, I tried the 908 just now, works fine. I wonder if the upload was corrupted somehow from my other error report…

That could be it. :woman_shrugging:

Glad to hear it’s working now.

I think it was some incompatibility in the form of another mod changing my tags in the old string format, and then when my mod loads the mixin with the array it bugs. Now to hunt what mods are possible causing the issue.

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Like I suspected it was another mod changing the fish tags, using the old string format, and then my mod load the mixin with array format, causing the error. Sorry for the false alarm.


If I understand from the modding guide, I can’t add material tags with arrays if the tags in the original file are not already an array. But in r909, material tags of vanilla items are still strings. So… For now I can’t use this new feature :frowning:

Yes, that is correct. It’s still useful to add compatibility with other mods, though.

If you want to add tags as an array to an item that has them as string, you can user the mixintypes override. That should work, although might not be compatible enough if someone else does the same.

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