Jobs for future update

I just opened the stonehearth files and i found the file about the future jobs on the game :
_Shield bearer
_Animal Trainer
So much to do for those jobs ! i’m so excited to see the update with them !


Not trying to be an ass here, but be careful talking about this stuff, as it’s kinda covered under The One Rule.

I honestly don’t see how… he’s just saying what he seen in a file. He isn’t using anyone’s content.

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It is actually covered by another post Brad made in the topic:

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I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be a pest… but again. It says please don’t use it. He isn’t using it.

He was only saying what he seen for those that don’t look. No rule broken. Again.

It is just empty folders of planned jobs that in the end actually got implemented already under other names.
miner = worker
hunter = trapper
smiths = blacksmith
shield bearer = knight

Architect and Animal Trainers are probably going to be added in the future. Linda and Morgan worked a little on those as far as I remember.


Technically your right, he hasn’t done anything yet. At the same time, it’s kind of an unspoken rule to leave future content alone and unspoken. There’s a lot of other models and stuff that’s just laying around too if you want to get technical.

That being said, A LONG TIME AGO (years), someone was diving through the files letting people know what’s coming and being worked on. At that time, I remember the devs asked that he stop under the same ideal of The One Rule. I can’t find the post right now, but if you ABSOLUTELY need me to find it, I’ll start digging.