How many jobs are going to be in the final game?

I’m a bit obsessed with this topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Just a question, how many classes/jobs are going to be in the final release of Stonehearth?
The kickstarter says that there’ll be lots of jobs.
The current website says there’ll be a few more jobs and that’s it.
I’m a bit confused and I’d appreciate it if someone told me how it works. Thanks!

Well I know from peeking into the StoneHearth folder they have 16 all ready in use and placeholders for the:
animal trainer
and an unknown
and from mods I have
and there are a few other mods out there that have new classes like @Yangzhoui is looking at making a painter.

Hope that helps

edit: in answering your actually question, it would seem that at the moment there are 20-21 official jobs that may be in the final release. However I expect that number to climb a bit.

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Yup there are already some mods with new jobs and i have seen the files for those jobs he said in the offical game files.

The first version of my painter is ready and available for download but i am updating it almost daily atm with more painting, models and balance updates.
If you are looking to expend your stonehearth experience i would sugest teking a look at the current mod section.

This is my mod [MODS] Yang & Co's Mod Making [A22.5][A23] but there are many out there. And the developers of stonehearth have made the game so that it is easy to mod. One of there main focuses on the game was to make a solid base game in which almost everything is moddable.
So as i see it mods are part of the experience of stonehearth. You learn the game in vanilla and then you start adding mods and have a whole new stonehearth experience!