So what are the plans for biomes and classes?

I’ve been away from Stonehearth for a little while. I was wondering if there has been any mention recently concerning the numbers of biomes and classes the developers plan on implementing in the base game. The road map and Trello aren’t terribly informative on this since they don’t indicate where the developers intend to take the class tree or biome selection, only that they exist. I’m really sorry if there’s already a post about this; I’m a scrub who doesn’t know how to use a search engine :sweat_smile:

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The developers plan on making the base game very simple. And most additional biomes are via mod, also the planned classes are listed in the games jobs files.

Also there’s additional classes added via mods. The game is supposed to be very mod-friendly so they want to see a lot of neat things added by the modding community.