How many Jobs/Classes are there going to be in the final release?

I’d like to know roughly how many job/classes there are going to be in the final release of Stonehearth. According to one of the Kickstarter images, it says there are going to be lots of classes in Stonehearth. On the Development Blog, however, there seems to only be the Magma Smith, Geomancer, Engineer and some mystery class remaining. Even the roadmap says that the classes are 80% done. If these are the only classes going to be in the game, I’ll be sincerely disappointed. The main reason I bought Stonehearth was too see what classes I would eventually unlock and be able to expand my line of hearthlings to do anything imaginable. But, if there really are going to be so few classes, I might stop playing the game.

What would you expect from the classes though? What’s the point in adding dozens of meaningless classes without unique features? If you want more classes, simply mod them in.

Lots does not define a value of anything, except 0 and 1 not being it. So more than 1 in the very least.

Right now it seems to be already lots of classes. Though the magma smith & geomancer are not in yet, or not in fully. The mystery class I guess is a mystery… Wouldn’t know really.

With the amount they have now that is quite a lot to choose from. it also equals more than 1.
Just the way I see it… and they are doing a good job of making each feel different from one another. :slight_smile:

I am actually more disappointed by the lack of progression trees than the lack of classes really. Though of course a larger progression tree would imply more classes.

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I concur; the current system favors using one class all the way to its mastery, rather than progressing a crafter through different jobs to get to the “best” one.

For example, changing a Farmer to a Cook is always worth it - the Cook still tends to fields, but can actually get to work on other stuff while it’s growing. Since it’s presumed you’re going to have a second Farmer on hand anyway, it’s a trade up any way you slice it.

However, changing a level 2 Mason to a level 0 Potter is never worth it, because you’re better waiting for a level 3 Mason for the Trapper’s Knife and Blacksmith’s Hammer. The inverse is partially true for Rayya’s upgrading a Potter to a Mason, but since the Potter can’t make any valuable talismans it’s a necessary one-step-back-two-steps-forward affair.

It’s also almost never worthwhile to have more than 1 of a given class, because Hearthling numbers are so low for so long… this leads town progression towards “1 of everything” as a goal for prosperity, which in turn runs the risk of making towns too samey.

I’m of the opinion that a broader range of classes in the current style that overlap in certain roles at the same tier would be good - that way, you’re actually making a decision on how to shape your town, rather than simply climbing the one and only progression ladder.