Do we know if or what "Unimplemented Jobs" that are still planned on being added?

So I’ve looked around and was unable to see a source that mentions a class apart from the “Animal Trainer”, “Magmasmith, and “Geomancer” that are still planned. However in early development as well as still as place holders in “Unimplemented Jobs” there is listed “Armor Smith”, “Big Game Hunter”, “Hunter”, “Miner”, Shield Bearer”, “Treasure Hunter”, and Weapon Smith".
I can see areas where we might not need some of these as much (Like the blacksmith is able to make armor and weapons, workers are able to mine and pick up loot) But do we know if any of these other job classes are still planned? Or if they are not would we be allowed to mod classes similar?
I mainly ask because some of these classes can really change the look and focus of settlements. I’d love to have a settlement without farms (and have a story around it), or create more unique ecosystems within my towns.

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Besides those 3 jobs you mentioned, there’s no known plan about the other ones. They might or might not get into the game, because for example, we already have a knight, do we also want a “shield bearer”? And as you mention, is it really necessary to have an “armor smith” and “weapon smith” if the blacksmith can do both? Etc.

The current jobs still need an update, since some of them don’t have all the perks implemented :thinking:


During the latest stream (260) Nikki let slip that there will be between 4 and 12 new classes to be added to the game at some point in the near future but left it at that and said no more.


I would love for there to be a real decision tree on what is more important instead of just promote as possible

Hope we get a “beastmaster” to train larger animals! (hope we get larger animals!)