Ostrich Eggs not being picked up


pretty much new game with ostrich’s and none of the eggs laid on the map are being pickedup and put into a stockpile.

have you tried using the loot command on them?

omg i feel like suh an idiot. i really didnt think the loot command would work cos i didnt see it as “treasure” but yes thank you >.>

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glad to be of help :slight_smile:

Pet mod idea: Put Ostrich eggs in a box and your dragon or duckduck will hatch it with a small percentage spawning a dragon or duckduck :wink:

What about feathers from duckducks, and ostriches? It seems they can’t be used in the weaver recipes for making Fire arrows, and Spiky Arrows. Is that a bug?


Thanks for reporting, @Findersword. The recipes use poyo feathers specifically, because at the time they were created these were the only feathers in the game.

But I think we can change it easily.

About the ostrich eggs, yes, you have to use the loot tool in order to restock them (because of their player_id when they’re created).
For the next version of the game we added (for the shepherd) the unit frame command to slaughter ostriches and those extra poyos that hatch outside of your pasture . They will have forced auto loot for their drops so that hearthlings go restock them automatically.

The eggs will still need to be manually looted, since you don’t want your hearthlings to go far away every time an ostrich lays an egg.