Chickens not laying eggs

My 12 chickens aren’t laying regular eggs

Steps to reproduce:

  1. No idea this hasn’t happened before & I’m not getting an error

Expected Results:
That chickens lay eggs

Actual Results:
No eggs

  • they are laying the fertilized eggs though



Version Number and Mods in use:
Current A23 stable

  • Archipelago biome
  • Armis Maximus
  • Autoharvest
  • Biome Crops
  • Building Colours
  • Coal Smelting
  • Desert Transition Temperate biome (current map I’m using)
  • Detailed Flowers
  • Descendants of Númenor
  • Finery
  • Floor Colours
  • Furniture Expansion Plus
  • Grom’s Food
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Lostems
  • Margin Removal
  • Settlement Decor
  • Town Monitor
  • Yang & Co’s mods (all 3)

System Information:

Maybe the eggs are always fertilized when the pasture is not maximized? I do not know, but I think that is why.

I’ve had a full complement of chickens but still no eggs - plus I don’t think they need food either - not a huge issue just odd lol

If you want, upload your save and stonehearth.log
I wanted to guess maybe one of the mods was causing it, but none of those in the list seems like messing with it.

It looks like when the game gets resource starved my hearthings keep re-pathing themselves, chickens seem to stop laying chickens and the GM seems to stop spawning bad guys. Of course this is A24 with 27 peeps.

My Chickens aren’t laying eggs too. I have two pastures with max. 4 chickens. I only got 2 that don’t move around and lay no eggs. My Sheperd is perm idle standing in front of one of the chickens and is rapidly re-pathing between idle, harvesting chicken (nothing happens) and restocking. He never tries to get another chicken for the pasture and the chickens don’t try to reproduce.

I’m using A23 stable with a bunch of mods, but none that should change the animal behavior.