Animals on pastures not eating


Steps to reproduce:

  1. unknown

Expected Results:
animals eat when theres food on the ground
Actual Results:



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Hi @dutchuss2016, could you upload your savefile?

give me a second to find a copy of it that has the issue i make a new save every time i manually save
----clanging and banging and rusling of papers-- ah here it is - Google Drive

I can’t figure out what is happening in your save. The poyos keep thinking that they need to eat, but for some reason they don’t acknowledge that the food is there, and they keep starving.

Thanks for the savefile, it will be useful for diagnosing other performance problems :slight_smile:

(@yshan in this save not only the animals don’t eat, but farmers won’t farm (and the inventory cap has not been reached yet). I cancelled all the tasks and waited until the hearthlings were idle, cancelling crafting jobs and mining zones too, but it didn’t help.).

heres the porrformace grid on my machine running the save lua never goes above 40% and the game isent lagging at all
… well the game doesent “lag” the framerate goes to shit when stonehearth isent the window in focus (active window) but 500 fps no sweat at speed 4 when the game is the active window

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side note im not experiencing any issues with farmers the save i sent you may have jobs disabled (i disable all jobs when the map is cluttered and i want the hearthings to clean up and put there toys and food away in vaults where they belong) i have alot of farms doing alot of different things but the farmers are always working as are the cooks (the cooks are tending to the farms when they dont have resources to cook with)

Then it must have happened after I tried to stop everything, I checked that everyone had Job enabled, though.

what evers going on in the save i supplied must have sorted it out cause my current rendition of that same game isent having the problem anymore ive saved and restarted atleast once since i opened this thread

Thanks for reporting this. I have put in a fix for next unstable build.