Livestock Hunger Strike

Summary: Pastured animals stop eating despite feed in the middle of the pasture

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Normal game play

Expected Results: Animals consume feed as it is placed down and they get hungry

Actual Results: Each pasture has an untouched feed on the ground, animals go hungry, to the point of not being able to butcher

Notes: Removing and recreating the pasture, so long as the feed pile is still there, does not appears to clear the issue. 7fad36b0-2747-11e5-bf38-f07959628ec8

Attachments: System Summary File

Version Number and Mods in use: release 656 (x64)

System Information: System Summary File.txt (1.3 KB)

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Hello @rencheple :slight_smile:

Could you upload your savefile so we can take a better look?
I can’t seem to reproduce this.

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I think that’s because the bug is misunderstood. Back in alpha 17 I had this bug where the feed that got eaten did not dissapear. So it was gone as usefull item. But not removed from the screen.

When alpha 18 came this problem dissapeared so I asumed it was solved. But I also restarted my game with 18 so maybe that made it go away.

To check if this i indeed the problem you can do the destroy console command on the feed. If the results are true but you still see feed you can asume that every time feed got eaten it remained and the shepard just put new feed at the same spot.

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