Unchecked Poyo Reproduction

The poyos are reproducing beyond the pasture’s capacity to hold them. The ones that hatch outside of the capacity become practically immortal as they can’t be slaughtered for food. I have poyos wandering in the rabbit pasture and can’t do a durn thing about them unless I right-click the little jerks.

The rabbits are keeping to capacity. I haven’t checked the sheep yet.

@sdee, are you giving the poyos some magical feed or something just to frustrate me? I’m watching you, you know.

UPDATE: It seems the fertilized eggs are also being picked up and moved around, which might be a potential cause for the poyos being immortal. If the eggs are hatching outside of the pasture, they wouldn’t necessarily count towards the capacity, I’d think.


I can confirm this behavior.

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I have placed fertilized eggs back in the pen after them being picked up. Those poyo are immortal too.

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Don’t use the fertilized eggs, immortal poyos roam my once nice save.

Sheep and Rabbits are 100% working, no issues. Poyo’s don’t overpopulate either, it’s just the eggs that become bugged when your capacity is full.

I’m thinking I’ve just run across this issue. Anyone know of a workaround to the poyo explosion?

I am suffering this too. Right now I have like 3 inmortal pollos and 6 fertilized eggs.
The only way I can think to keep this pollo-explosion in check is to kill some of the ones in the pastures, bringing their numbers bellow two, or create a new pasture. The shepherds will go look for new pollos and the first ones picked up may be those inmortals. I still need to try this approach. Enjoy the pollo-pie!

Have Fun, Kyth.

In the past you could just slaughter the poyos but there’s an issue where the command won’t show up for animals that don’t have the same player_id as you. We’ll note this as something to fix for a future release